Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kentucky Players at 2009 NSC, Dayton

(Updated July 21 at 2:02 PM to reflect new data)

Here are the names, grouped by division, of players from Kentucky who have registered for the 2009 National Scrabble Championship at Dayton, Ohio, from Saturday, August 1, through Wednesday, August 5. Information given is from's 2009 NSC entrants' list, as of the most current date and time shown in the listing at the end of this entry.

Registration ends July 15. This year there is unrestricted playing up at the NSC.

Division 1 (1700+) -- 128 players
15. Brian Bowman, of Villa Hills (1870)
86. Marc Broering, of Louisville (1693) (playing up)
91. Kelly McKenzie (1686) (playing up)

Division 2 (1500-1699) -- 83 players
15. Tyler Hannan, of Winchester (1603)

Division 3 (1300-1499) -- 129 players
57. Will Scott, of Versailles (1328)
61. Steve Bush, of Richmond (1320)

Division 4 (1000-1299) -- 94 players
33. Kevin Sears, of Louisville (1149)
34. Kathi Cann, of Leitchfield (1146)
92. John Spangler, of Versailles (838) (playing up)

Division 5 (under 1000) -- 53 players
3. David Meredith, of Bowling Green (956)

487 registrants, including 10 from Kentucky, as of July 21, at 12:16:55 p.m., per cross-tables
473 registrants, including 10 from Kentucky, as of July 16, at 12:12:23 a.m., per
415 registrants, including 8 from Kentucky, as of July 11, at 11:20:48, per
402 registrants, including 7 from Kentucky, as of July 10, at 8:44:02 PM, per
390 registrants, including 6 from Kentucky, as of July 9, at 11:10:41 PM, per
377 registrants, including 6 from Kentucky, as of July 8, at 6:01:36 PM, per

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Dates to Take Notice of

JULY 1 (today!)

Beginning today, a player must be a member of the new North American Scrabble Players Association in order to play in any sanctioned tournament in the United States and Canada. It is no longer necessary to retain your membership in the National Scrabble Association, which will continue to operate through Hasbro funding but will focus on school and casual Scrabble playing.

Right now, a search of NASPA's membership database shows 15 NASPA members in Kentucky, 10 of them from our club's playing area.

Membership dues are $30 yearly, but individuals joining throughout 2009 will have an initial membership extending through December 31, 2010. Click here for NASPA's webpage about how to join.

JULY 2 (tomorrow!)

Don't forget that the first Monday of each month is Scrabble Night at the Central Library branch of the Lexington Public Library at 140 East Main Street downtown from 6 to 9 p.m.

JULY 15 (two weeks from today!)

The deadline for registering for the 2009 National Scrabble Championship at Dayton, Ohio, is July 15, two weeks from today.

Last year there were six us from the Lexington club at 2008 NSC at Orlando. Dayton is a lot closer! 2009 NSC will be played at Dayton from Saturday, August 1, to Wednesday, August 5.

As of now, with only two weeks left to register, there are 312 registrants, with five from Kentucky -- in Division 1: Brian Bowman (1870), Marc Broering (1693, playing up), Kelly McKenzie (1686, playing up); in Division 4: Kathi Cann (1146); and in Division 5, John Spangler (838, but considering playing up to Division 4). This year unrestricted playing up is allowed.

It's not too late to join in the fun of five days of competitive Scrabble at Dayton. Check out NASPA's 2009 NSC page. A lot of people wait until near the deadline to decide whether they will be able to come. Last year there were 662 players at 2008 NSC, Orlando.