Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly Scrabble Opportunity in Richmond

Hi everyone,

A new opportunity for playing Scrabble is now available in Richmond, at Cosmic Oasis Board Game Cafe, across from the courthouse on Main Street.  The owner, Ron Flickinger, has set up a Scrabble League Night there on Thursdays from 6-9 pm, starting this Thursday Jan. 31.  If you're on Facebook, you can get more information by joining the Group named "Scrabble Players Near Richmond KY".

Since the event is open to both competitive and casual players, it remains to be seen how games will be divided amongst various skill levels, and the structure may be a work in progress over the first few weeks as things develop.  In any case, Ron has assured me that our style of play would be a welcome ingredient to this event. He gave me a tour of the gaming rooms last week and they are more than adequate for our purposes (quiet, well-lit, etc.).  I see this as a great opportunity to reach other Scrabble enthusiasts and hopefully grow our numbers over time. 

I plan to be there this Thursday.  I know it's short notice (not to mention a bit of a drive for many of you), but I'd love it a few other members could perhaps make it there as well.  If you're one of those who can, can you please post a comment here or email me at bush3262@yahoo.com?

Friday, January 25, 2013

This weekend

Four of us (Will, Betty, Victoria, and I) will be traveling to the Knoxville tournament this weekend.  Wish us luck!

Also, it may not leave much of a crowd for meeting Sunday at Bob Evans, so you might want to leave a comment and/or check here first if you're interested in playing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan. 12 Official Meeting Results

Here are the results from Sunday's official meeting, our first of 2013:


Marc Broering, 2-1, +155, SIGNETED 62, LAURATED* 80, SPOILERS 64

Victoria Bledsoe, 2-1, +107, ELASTIN 79, RELIERS 73, POSTING 72, PEERING 67

Steve Bush, 2-1, +37, ENSURED 68, IODATION 70, OVERRAN 64, IONOMER 63, EXPOSES 74, AURATING* 61

David Brown, 2-2, -81, VIOLETS 70, INSERTED 59, DEFINITE 74, BRUNETS 68, EXPORTED 98

Betty King, 1-3, -101, NEATENS 66, RETURNS 73, BETIDES 76

Janny Scheeline, 0-3, -391

Thanks to everyone that came out and played.  See you next time!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

First official meeting of 2013: Jan. 13!

Who will be at club on Sunday? I'll be there, and so will Marc Broering. I'm also working on Joetta.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today's Results (1/6)

We had an amazing 8 folks show up today!  Here are the results (sorry, I was too lazy to record bingoes):

Name W-L Spread
Steve 4-0 458
Betty 1-3 -51
Jan H. 2-1 188
Cheryl 0-4 -321
Margaret 3-1 108
Janny S. 1-2 -222
Victoria 2-2 -44
David 2-2 -116

Next Sunday is our first Official meeting of 2013.  Hope to see you then!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Club Tomorrow (1/5)

I'll be there, for the inaugural 2013 meeting (even if it's an unofficial one).  Who else?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Carter Caves Tourney Feb. 2 (Reminder)

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that our Groundhog Day Carter Caves tournament just a little over 4 weeks away.  So far we have only 10 entrants listed, so please let Brad Mills or me know if you plan to attend.

Note that this time around, the tourney is a full Open Rated Tournament, not just restricted to KY/WV residents the way it was last year. The date will be Feb. 2, 2013 (yes, Groundhog Day).  This time around, although there is a slight increase in the entry fee (from $25 to $30), the tourney will be a full Open Rated Tournament, open to any NASPA member, and not just restricted to KY or WV residents like last time.  Other than that, it will basically be the same 7-game format as before.

There are also excellent lodging rates for those that would like to stay over ($59 for one night, or $50/night for two nights).

See the NASPA link here:


You can also see the flyer and entrants list at www.cross-tables.com.  I hope to see you there!