Sunday, December 30, 2012

Club results Dec. 30

W - L
3 - 1
  FAILURES 62       SQUALID 102
        PARDONS 81       HOSTILE 77
        ANSWERED 60     UNHEARD 88
Jan H
3 - 1
  SPAWNED 70  
2 - 2
  TATTLES 63       AUDIENTS 68
0 - 4

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm working again this weekend for 2 in a row. Anybody free on Friday?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Results for Dec. 16, 2012

Ah, Sunday. Time for a lesson in Scrabble words, as well as one about the importance of electrolytes in one's body.

Again, we had a few phony bingo words (*).

W - L
4 - 0
      NONRATED 66       WILIEST 66
      AEDINES* 79       ERGOTIC 81
      REPL(O)wInG 66     (M)OUSIES* 61
2 - 1
AGONIES 75       DELAT(O)R 79
      RANDIEST 62       DOMINANT 64
      RATTIEST 77
Jan H
1 - 2
      RAISERS 77    
1 - 2
MOISTEN 69    
0 - 3

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It was an excellent year and we might grow a bit more in 2013. It was not a good week for me, however; been down with a stomach bug the last 3 days, crawled out of bed this afternoon finally. I may be in tomorrow if the stomach quits hurting. If not, I'll stay home and whine some more. :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Official Meeting Results

Below are the results from Sunday's meeting.  The monthly stats link has also been updated.

Betty, 4-0, +399, DESERVED 8, DOORMEN 66, SCALENE 64, STRIDER 66, SURLIER 82


Cheryl, 2-1, +49, FALTERS 78

Will, 2-2, -229, RANKLES 69, DRAYING 78, ATONERS 68, LIMITED 68, DISAGREE 86

Victoria, 1-2, +44, ZESTIER 91, AUDITEE 64, ETESIAN 66, INERTIAS 64, DESTROY 72, TONSILAR 91

Jan H., 0-3, -62, FRIENDS 81, REIGNING 83

Janny S., 0-3, -291

I think it's worth reflecting on what a good year this has been for our club.  Here are just a few highlights:

1) Nineteen people played a total of 126 games in our monthly official meetings throughout the year.

2) With the help of the Charleston WV club, we held a NASPA-rated tourney in Kentucky after a nearly 2-year hiatus.  It went over so well that we're doing it again this coming February, this time opening it up to general registration (not just KY or WV).

3) We successfully navigated the transition to a new venue (Bob Evans) after the sudden and unexpected closure of Perkin's restaurant.

All in all, we once again proved ourselves to be a competitive, resilient, and most of all, fun-loving bunch of word freaks.  Looking forward to more good times in 2013.  Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Official Meeting

We'll be having our final 2nd Sunday official meeting this Sunday (duh) Feb. 9, from 2-6pm at Bob Evans' Restaurant on Richmond Road in Lexington.  Come on out and join the fun!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Results for Dec. 2

I just love getting whipped by some of the best players in the state...
The * by some words below indicates that they are PHONY.

W - L
4 - 1
  FROSTED 101       RO(O)STERS 58
        CREMATED 92       AGONIZED 90
        MEASLES 76       BANTIE(S) 69
        RESTAGE 80       RESONATE 74 69
3 - 1
  HOBNAIL 85        OUTDIGS* 76
        VARICOSE 149     EVENTER* 67
        CUESTAS 74       INTERL(A)Y 83
        RE(S)TABLE 72       FEBRILE 102
3 - 1
  BRISANT 85         AUDIENT 75
        ENCINAS 80         MATRICES 82
        BLESSER 72       URBANITE 70
1 - 3
  SL(A)TING 81    
0 - 4
  RADIAN(T) 63    

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Club tomorrow (12/2) and other happenings

Even though the blog has been rather quiet lately, Cheryl and I have been rather busy behind the scenes.  Here are some updates:

1) Name change.  You'll notice that we are now "Bluegrass Scrabble".  As she mentioned, Cheryl is working updating the blog and website accordingly.

2) Arrangements have been finalized, and our second joint tourney at with the Charleston WV club at Carter Caves is now on the calendar!  The date will be Feb. 2, 2013 (yes, Groundhog Day).  This time around, although there is a slight increase in the entry fee (from $25 to $30), the tourney will be a full Open Rated Tournament, open to any NASPA member, and not just restricted to KY or WV residents like last time.  Other than that, it will basically be the same 7-game format as before.

See the NASPA link here:

There will be a flyer and entrants list soon, but I wanted to go ahead and get the word out in advance.  If you are interested, please email me and I'll add you to the list.  I hope to see you there!

3) Club tomorrow.  I'm a "probable" for being there.  What about others?
Steve has notified NASPA of our change in name. I've changed the blog, still working on a web page redesign. Still to do: new business cards and flier.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Club results for Nov. 25

W - L
3 - 1
      LEAFIEST 72       HEEDLESS 86
3 - 1
      HOARIER 67       EAGLETS 65
      ETESIAN 68       DIRTIES 69
Jan H
2 - 2
GEA(R)LESS 71      
1 - 3
SOOTI(E)ST 69     EQUA(L)ING 101
1 - 3

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Results for Nov. 18, 2012

W - L
3 - 1
STAID(L)Y 76       BASTI(L)E 65
      SATIRES 72       DINNER(S) 70
Jan H
2 - 2
ANYWAY(S) 88      
2 - 2
1 - 3
C(A)GIEST 72      

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Official Meeting Results

Below are today's results.  Congratulations to Joe Roberdeau who came all the way from Cincinnati to go 3-1 and, with Will, put on a bingo clinic for the rest of us.  :)

I've updated the monthly stats link also.  Thanks to those that made it out today...see you next month!

Joe Roberdeau, 3-1, +373, TOPPLES 66, SECURER 70, OVERBEAT 76, LEADERS 70, ENIGMAS 71, PARTING 71


Steve Bush, 3-1, +303, TIGRESS 66, NIGHTIE 78, MARCHES 71, FENDERS 72, RESLATE 71, DISAGREE 74, HOTTEST 82

Betty King, 2-2, +28, ROTATED 66, AVENGES 73

Jan Hatton, 1-3, -444, SEATING 66

Cheryl Coovert, 0-4, -610, RELATION 64

Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Official Meeting Tomorrow!

Our monthly official meeting is tomorrow, 2-6pm at Bob Evans Restaurant on Richmond Road in Lexington.  Please post in the comments if you think you can make it.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10/28 Results

Seven of us made it out to club today.  There was even a bonus (fourth) round for those that could stay for it.  Here are the results:



Victoria, 2-2, +13, ENTRIES 75, RETINAE 63, LITERALS 70, RETINOL 77, RELAPSED 81, OUTEARNS 74

Jan H., 2-2, -114, SQUARES 81, HOUSING 62, AMOUNTED 72

Betty, 1-2, -6, SENOPIA 78, TENNIES 63, SPOILER 83, ASININE 64, SALVOED 81

Janny S., 0-1, -177, JUNGLES 72

Cheryl, 0-4, -403, DIVINES 94

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Club results for Oct. 21

A small but doughty crew showed up.
W - L
4 - 0
 SANDI(E)R 83       L(A)ZIEST 98
       TAUNTED 70       ANDIRON 66
       PIGL(E)TS 79      
3 - 2
SINUATE 79         STUN(T)ED 71
      LI(N)AGES 91       DESTINE 71
       DArLIN(G)S 77       OREIDE(S) 79
       LINGUAE 91      
1 - 3
(P)ORTENT 59       REVErTED 64
0- 3

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today's Meeting (Sun 10/21)

I won't be able to make it today.  What about others?

Monday, October 15, 2012

October Results

We had a great showing at club today, along with some unusual stats.  First, our relative newcomers, Shannon Luce and Pete Swisher, had identical records AND spreads.  Now THAT's a couple that's on the same wavelength!

Second, this was a day where bingoes didn't necessarily count for much; there were 4 games in which the victor had fewer bingoes than their opponent.

The cumulative monthly stats link has been updated with today's results.  Thanks to everyone that made it out today...see you next time!


Steve, 3-1, +281, UNITIES 74, INTERNE 63, BANDITS 68, STINGING 66

Victoria, 2-2, -41, SALIENT 62, TAURINE 70, ORIENTAL 77, SENORITA 62, SINUATE 68

Cheryl, 2-2, -100, REMINDS 74, JOINTED 103, SORTIES 68

Shannon, 1-2, -88, PRETRAIN 80, RUMINATE 71, GROUPER 62, INTERNS 62

Pete, 1-2, -88, STARRED 67, TRIMMERS 95, MINISTER 72

Betty, 1-3, -78, GLORIES 85, WEENIES 70, RECOILS 70, MEETING 80, SWAGGER 80, TOASTED 78

Jan H., 1-3, -234

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Official Meeting

Our October meeting is this Sunday (10/14), same time and place (Bob Evans Restaurant on Richmond Road, 2-6pm). Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Club Today

First, congratulations to everyone that participated in last weekend's Charleston tourney, especially Betty King, who finished a combined 13-4 in the Early Bird and Main Event (placing first and 3rd in her division, respectively). Way to go! Second, I'm going to have to miss club yet again today, but will be back next Sunday for the October official meeting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Club Meeting Sunday Sept. 30

Since 6 of us will be traveling to Charleston WV for their tournament this weekend, there will be no club meeting this Sunday (Sept. 30). Best of luck to Will, Jan H., Jan S., Betty, Cheryl, and myself :).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I am going to have to beg off again this Sunday - but I'll be off all next week. And playing on the computer, and studying, with the work to do at the house...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. 9 Official Meeting Results

Sorry for the delay in posting this...there was an error in my cumulative data that took me several hours to figure out. Special welcome to Connie Meyers who participated in her first official meeting after discovering our group for the first time over lunch at Bob Evans a few weeks ago.

The biggest honor, though, goes to Janny Scheeline, who had the best record Sunday. Woo-hoo!

Here are the full results. The cumulative monthly stats have also been updated.

Janny S., 2-1, +154
Steve, 1-1, +88, REFUSAl 76
Tom W., 1-1, +79, REGuAGES 68, LIQUATED 124 (high play!)
Victoria, 2-2, -93, SAiNTLY 80, EReCTION 64, SOLDERS 72, STUDIEs 65, SPLiNTER 68, AERATED 67
Connie M., 0-1, -136

Friday, September 7, 2012

September Official Meeting Reminder

Hi everyone,

This Sunday (9/9) is our Official meeting for September. We're meeting at the usual time and place, 2-6pm at Bob Evans on Richmond Road in Lexington.

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Club results for Sept. 2

Steve's an optimist. I'd say that being a holiday weekend did affect the turnout. And next weekend both I and Jan will be gone. Will also warned us we'll see him again in Charleston. (Honest, Brad, I swear I'll mail my form this week!) And actually I think Victoria played two games, but apparently I didn't get scores for the first one.
W - L
3 - 0
  UNSLAKED 74       (G)OOFIER 72
        DENT(A)LS 70       HABITED 87
Jan H
3 - 1
  UN(I)TIES 64         BEARIN(G) 65
1 - 2
  AREO(L)AE 61      
0 - 1
0- 3

Club Sunday 9/3

I'm out of town so will miss club again this weekend. If the past few Sundays have been any indicator, though, hopefully that won't keep us from having a good turnout.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Club Results for Aug. 26

We had a rash of phonies today - which inspired me to look that word up so I would spell the plural correctly. They're denoted by (p) in the results to save space.

W - L
PARAMOS 81     CLIENTES (p) 59
      TORTIS(E)s (p) 61    OVERLAY 81
      PHOCINE 91       AUNTI(E)S 84
      DOUBLE(R) 70   
Jan H
U(N)CAGES 66     TOGLERS (p) 71
ADORE(R)S 72     RESHONE 82 
1 - 1
(S)PEEDING 74       UNCOVER(S) 74
0- 2
      GENTILE 67    
Betty was in particularly good form today with a game score of 519 and another of 497!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting Tomorrow (Aug 25)

I should be able to make it to club tomorrow, although maybe for just a couple of games. Who else?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey! New players!

On Sunday at club, we were happy to welcome three new players: Connie, who just happened to be eating at Bob Evans and was curious about what we were doing in our little corner, and Pete and Shannon, who found our club Web site and blog, and decided to give us a try. As a bonus, Pete and Shannon already are familiar with the clock and the two- and three-letter list.
David Brown made his last visit before heading back to school, and Tom Webb also attended, so we ended up with 10 players total. It's good to see our numbers going back up.
Counting Pete and Shannon, we now have four Versailles members. Maybe we should start a satellite club.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug. 12 Official Meeting Results

We had a total of nine (!) show up on Sunday. The results are below, and the monthly stats link has been updated.

Thanks to everyone that attended, see you next month!

Steve, 3-0, +269, AREOLAS 66, DEALERs 67, iTERANCE 82, ALInERS 69, NUDGErS 72, ELEGANT 67

Margaret, 3-1, +300, ToDDIEs 75, STrIATES 74, STONIER 70, SANdERS 74, sINGLET 77

Joe R., 3-1, -1, EARRiNG 67, CODEINeS 74, ONeRIEST 74, kNEADING 66, SITTERs 79, DONATeS 74

Betty, 2-2, +127, CUrLERS 76, GROMmET 72, RESIDERS 68

David B., 2-2, +33, METEORIC 63, SCOURINg 80, DURIONs 69, TAURInE 66

Victoria, 1-2, -27, VESTURE 68, DALTONS 77, DISGUsT 61

Jan H., 1-2, -176

Eric Y., 1-3, -255, DELINEAR* 72, UNITIES 83, DUcKIES 87, RETUnED 62

Janny S., 0-3, BRUSHER 82, VERSING 85

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Official Meeting this Sunday, Aug. 12

We WILL be having our normal second-Sunday official gathering this weekend, from 2-6 pm. We've had good attendance at these so far this year, and I hope we can keep the momentum going.

As usual, you're welcome to post in the comments if you're coming, though it's not required. Regardless, I hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meeting Aug. 5

Looks like I will have to skip again today, too much to do. Next weekend I'll be working.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Reality intruded today; I needed to get my NASPA number, which means I needed to remember how to log in on that site, at which time I was reminded that I also needed to renew.... Anybody else going to a tourney soon that needs to do that??

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Results for July 29, 2012

W - L
      WEANING 67      RADIUMS 69
      RESIDUA 66    
Jan H
EATINGS 79      
AVERAGE 70      

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22 Results

Congratulations to Janny...although she went 0-3, she had the day's high play, EQUATEs for 123.

Here are the full results:

Will, 1-0, +62, ELEGIACs 74
Margaret, 2-0, +130, rADIATE, ETAGIER*
Betty, 2-1, +185, REASONER, LIMNERS 64, SOIGNeE
Steve, 2-1, +174, WINERIES 74, SoLATED 79, RETINOL 64, ANTLERS 66
Victoria, 1-2, -164, URINoSE 67, eRASION 77, MOtIONS 72
Jan H., 1-2, -241, GRADUATE 70
Janny S., 0-3, -146, EQUATEs 123

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Club July 15

Who will be at club tomorrow? Not me, but hopefully next week.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 8 Official Meeting Results

We had a nice even turnout of eight yesterday, including Joe Roberdeau who drove all the way from Cincinnati. The results are below, and the Monthly Stats link has been updated. The next official meeting will be Sunday, August 12. Spread the word!

Steve, 4-0, +567, NITERIE 66, BRINIESt 68, STEADIED 83, DANDILY 82, OVERDUE 77, CURaTES 81, PEREONS 76, AGITATeD 80

Betty, 3-1, +136, RELENTS 75, PROTeAS 78, BANNeRS 72

Cheryl, 2-1, -26, WoRMERS 69

Jan H., 2-2, +25, SEePING 79, HUSSIeS 96

Victoria, 2-2, -172, OLEAtES 66, AEOLIaN 73, FAIREST 86, STAIRWAY 62

Margaret, 1-2, -160, EDGIEST 68

Joe R., 1-3, +33, THEReOF 80, AMERICUM* 80, SALTINE 78, REVEALS 70

Janny S., 0-4, -403

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Official Meeting Sunday July 8

Well, it's time! Time to resume our Second Sunday official meetings after a brief hiatus, starting with this Sunday, July 8.

As with previous official meetings, I'll be keeping stats on scores and bingoes. This will be a good chance to hone tourney play techniques, for those among us so inclined. Of course, if you just play for the fun of it, that's fine too.

We'll be starting at the normal 2pm time. Sorry for the late notice. Pass the word!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Club July 1

At long last, I'll be at club tomorrow. Who else?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Club results for June 24

We had seven players on Sunday at Bob Evans. We always seem to have an odd number.

In 12 games, there were two plays of 100 points or more: Eric played WANTEDS* for 100, and Will played QUADDING to a triple for 116.

In 12 games, there were 22 bingoes.

The results:

Will - 4-0, + 457
Victoria - 3-1, +119
Eric - 2-2, -76
Betty - 1-2, +108
Janney - 1-2, -109
Magaret - 1-2, -177
Cheryl - 0-3, -322


Will - A(E)RATE(S) 66, qUADDING 116, REDOWAS 75, OVERS(E)T 74, (D)ENTATE 62, NEONATeS 59, DEGRE(E)S 65
Eric - OUTF(L)IES 70, /RETSIN(A) 70, TA(E)(N)IAS 60, STINGER 73,  WANTEDS* 100

Victoria - TODDI(E)S 71, RANCHERS 92,ORDINE(S) 77, N(A)(I)LSET 73

Betty - REHEATED 74, COALI(E)ST 60, SEGME(N)T 71
Cheryl - PAPERED 75

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Club Today, 6/24

It seems that summer still has me in its clutches, and I won't be able to get away and make it to club today after all. Don't let that stop you...who will be at club today?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Knoxville tournament, brief report

Five Lexington club members played in the Knoxville tournament June 16 and 17.

Here are the members' results.
Div 3:
Betty King, fourth place, 9-6, +328
Margaret Yoder, eighth place, 8-7,  +269
Victoria Bledsoe, 11 place, 7-8, +323

Div 1:
Will Scott, second place, 10-4-1, +619
Eric Yoder, 13th place, 6-9, -406

In addition to her fourth-place prize, Betty won the Howard Prichard/Millicent King award, given to the player in Division 3 who finishes highest above his or her seed. The prize was $100 and a copy of "Bob's Bible."

Lexington club members returned with a net gain of 44 rating points. Woohoo!

Other Kentucky players were Mark Edward Owens of the Pikeville area in Division 1, who finished 6-9, -226, and Carrie Petrocelli, who lives west of Louisville and was in her first tournament. She finished 1-14, a tough beginning, but she was lauded for handling her struggles graciously. We're hoping to see her and her husband, who also plays, at our club meetings occasionally.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday, June 16 Meeting

We have several in Knoxville this weekend, hopefully making their presence felt at the tourney there. Who among us that stayed behind will be at club tomorrow? Not me unfortunately, but hopefully I'll be back in the saddle starting next weekend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Club results for 6/10

W - L
REALI(S)E 69       SCOLDER 89
      AVEN(U)E(S) 80     NES(T)ING 77
      STORIES 77    
R(E)FLECT 69       SANDMEN 77
      GUNITES 70         SNOGGED 76
      DI(S)TRAIN 68     AF(F)AIRE 71
Jan H
TITTIES 63       REC(O)OLS 86 (phony)
SOIREE(S) 68       FLOWERS 83

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10

Hmm, no results from May 27 or June 3. Anybody up for June 10 meet besides me? I know of three ladies who will be in Knoxville next weekend, but I'll be at work.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 27

Steve is in Atlanta for the weekend, beating up on Division 2 players. I plan to be at club tomorrow. Others?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Results for May 20

Six of us made it out to Bob Evans yesterday. I think we all agree that the place will work out fine for us. It's clean, fairly modern, and they have decent food and attentive staff.

Here are the results:

Steve 3-0, +106, OUTDRIVE 66, sILENTLY 83, UNWITTED 66, DROPLETS 76, RAtOONS 84

Betty 3-1, +132, REFINErS 86, CLASSIER 72, EnTRANCE 72, TRUSTEES 62, EXTEnDS 94, TINNERS 69

Victoria, 2-2, -75, JUVENIlE 86, PATTERNs 62, NIGHTIES 66

Jan H. 1-2, -38

Janny S. 1-2, -13

Cheryl 0-3, -241

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Club results for May 10

Will     0-1   -60   VarNISHER 68
Victoria   2-1   +7   LIGATE(S) 89   W(A)RRENS 81
Cheryl   1-1   +53   BLO(U)SES 70

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 19 Meeting

Ok, so who will be at club this Sunday, at our new location at Bob Evans on Richmond Road?  I will, but with travel over the ensuing weeks (Atlanta tourney, then Disney World), won't be back again until 6/16.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Meeting Location - Bob Evans on Richmond Road

Good news!  The Bob Evans restaurant on Richmond Road (at the interchange with New Circle Road) has agreed to host our meetings at our normal time, 2-6pm on Sundays.  It's a tall order, but I'm hoping that they'll be every bit as accommodating to us as Perkins was.  I would ask that any of us that visit there (especially during the first few weeks of meeting there), please make an effort to purchase food and drink, even if it's just coffee and dessert, to make it worth their while to have us there.

So, starting this Sunday, May 13, we will be meeting at Bob Evans on Richmond Road.  That said, who will be there?  I will not, and I imagine turnout will be light, due to Mother's Day commitments.  If you do plan to attend, please post here.  I would also appreciate if you can email me afterward (privately) and let me know your impressions of the place and if you see any reason why it wouldn't work out long-term.

I will hold off on scheduling an Official meeting there until we've had a few weeks to "break the place in," so to speak.  Thanks to those who helped with finding us a new location so quickly.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Perkins Has Closed

In case you haven't heard the news, Perkins suddenly shut down yesterday, for good.  As with most folks (including, apparently, their general manager), this came as a complete surprise to me.  I feel especially bad for Chris and others we got to know there, who always made us feel welcome and did a great job waiting on us and such, who are suddenly out of a job, after years of faithful service.  I don't know any particulars of the lawsuit settlement, but with a major community church as the property owner, I just can't help thinking a better outcome than this should have been possible.

As for our group, however, I'm hoping we can move on from this as quickly as we can and find a new location that suits our needs.  If anyone has suggestions for a new place to meet, please email or call ASAP if you'd like me to contact them.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

KY-WV Tourney Results

Yesterday's first (annual?) Kentucky-West Virginia Tournament is now in the record books.  I hope everyone had a great time, I sure did!  I was especially pleased with the Carter Caves facility and staff...they provided everything we needed for a quiet, comfortable playing environment, all at a very reasonable price.  Best of all, however, was your positive attitude and patience with my (sometimes clumsy) handling of any issues that came up during the day.  Major thanks to the WV folks in agreeing to play with us, and especially Brad as co-director, a seasoned veteran at keeping things running smoothly.

The full results are below.  Thanks again, everyone...let's do this again!

Division A

Rank  Name (Seed)                OldR   Wins  Sprd  PerfR  NewR 
  1.  Broering, Marc (A001)   1782   6.0   620   1766  1781        1st place, $100, high win, $10
  2.  Bush, Steve (A002)         1563   6.0   589   1902  1584        2nd place, $60
  3.  Scott, Will (A004)           1392   4.0   190   1272  1380        3rd place, $25
  4.  Mcguffin, Aaron (A006)  1184   4.0    43   1440  1208 
  5.  Mills, Brad (A007)           1112   3.0   -17   1266  1126 
  6.  Webb, Thomas (A009)     1018   3.0   -40   1210  1043 
  7.  Meredith, David (A005)  1287   3.0  -184   1264  1285 
  8.  Wade, Andrew (A008)     1072   3.0  -211   1200  1083       High loss, $7.50
  9.  Carty, George (A003)       1539   2.0  -196   0922  1479 
 10.  Wade, Brad (A010)         0849   1.0  -794   0662  0832 

Division B

Rank  Name (Seed)                  OldR   Wins  Sprd  PerfR  NewR 
  1.  Bledsoe, Victoria (B004)  0704   6.0   435   1205  0752      1st place, $100, high loss, $7.50
  2.  Green, Lisa (B001)           0829   6.0   381   1142  0852       2nd place, $60
  3.  King, Betty (B003)           0744   6.0   185   1228  0789       3rd place, $25
  4.  Ross, Christopher (B002) 0817   5.0   376   0893  0825 
  5.  Carper, Gavin (B006)       0599   4.0   157   0734  0621       High win, $10
  6.  Hatton, Janice (B007)       0582   3.0   -84   0600  0585 
  7.  Hehl, Thomas (B005)       0674   2.0  -214   0328  0623 
  8.  Coovert, Cheryl (B010)    0400   2.0  -420   0366  0397 
  9.  Carman, Andrea (B008)   0541   1.0  -422   0065  0484 
 10.  Scheeline, Janet (B009)  0485   0.0  -394   0000  0407

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Club results for April 22

Looks like there was a small turnout!
W - L
HuLLOING 76       ALIG(H)TED 63
      BAT(H)ING 77
SIN(L)ESS 74     (E)O(S)INES 76
      NETTLES 67       B(E)LOVED 76
      LINAGES 74      
Next Saturday is the Carter Caves KY-WV showdown!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Club Tomorrow

Who will be at club tomorrow?  Not me, but I hope to see everyone at Carter Caves next Saturday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Official Results

In spite of the fantastic spring weather, we had a great turnout! Here are the results from April's official meeting:

Will, 1-0, +41, ACROSTIc 74, NEROLIS 69

Steve, 3-1, +391, LoNGERS 77, OUTSWOrE 70, APERIES 82, MANLIER 83, IBOGAINE 76

Victoria, 3-2, +351, ENTaILS 80, TENNERS 65, TRIGgER 68, SUDSINg 78, LOUDNESS 63, ENTaSIA 72

Tom Webb, 1-1, +86, rELOADS 77, RESTRING 80, RESTING 72, LATHIER 74, URAnITE 66

Cheryl, 2-2, -274, STEEPING 62

Betty, 1-2, -71, RUINERS 79

Janny, 1-2, -286

Tom Hehl, 1-3, -239, NOOdLES 64, TEDDERS 79, UNPARTED 61, PETITION 64, JesTERS 68

The cumulative stats link has been updated also. Hope to see you next time!

Friday, April 13, 2012

April Official Meeting

We'll be meeting from 2-6pm this coming Sunday, April 15, for our montly official meeting. Take a break from your taxes, and come out and join us!

If you can, please post in the comments if you'll be attending, though you're welcome to drop in regardless.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Club and Tourney Announcements

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of items:

1) No Club Meeting 4/8

Due to the Easter holiday, there will NOT be a club meeting (official or casual) this Sunday (4/8). Instead, this month our official meeting will be the 3rd Sunday, April 15, from 2-6 pm. I hope you can make it!

2) Carter Caves Tourney

The KY-WV tourney continues to draw interest; we're now up to a total of 25 potential entrants listed at cross-tables. However, I'm still awaiting registration fees from a significant number of KY entrants. Please get that to me soon if you haven't already done so, or let me know if you're no longer planning to attend.

Also, good news! Lodge rooms at Carter Caves are now available on Friday night! The rate is $64.95, but if you stay both Friday and Saturday night the rate drops to $50/night. To get these rates, reserve by phone and mention that you're with the Scrabble group.

There's plenty of room for more entrants, so pass the word!

Monday, April 2, 2012

4/1 Results

Here are yesterday's results:

Betty 3-0, +375, NAILERS 86, FULLNeSS 64, BRAISED 76, SNORTED 71

Cheryl 2-1, -136, COURSED 79, POTtInG 76, AlLoTTED 59

Steve 0-2, -36, lEMURINE 67, AGNATES 78

Janny 0-2, -203

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Club today (4/1)

I'll be there today, and that's no April Fool's joke. :) Who else?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Club Results for March 25, 2012

W - L
      OLEINE(S) 68  
FARRIER 78       ALIENO(R) 70

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday 3/25 Meeting

I should be able to make it this weekend. Who else?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Results for March 18 meeting

... and I could have won the last game, if I had challenged Vic's 26-point phony. Oh, well!

I think Victoria got a bingo also but I didn't write it on the score sheet.

W - L
      MOURNER(S) 83

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11 Meeting Results

Here are the results from today's meeting:

Steve, 3-0, +365, EROSIVE 72, NOyADES 68, TRAINmEN 74, TESTOON 86, mAJORING 80

Betty, 2-1, +38, ANILINEs 66, CLIVERS 71, REsPOnD 79

Jan H., 2-1, -91, PULLERs 83

Will, 1-1, +61, EDACIOUs 61, DISRAtED 80, HAZANIm 82, STOWAgE 71

Victoria, 0-2, -82, SILTIeR 62, SOMBRERO 63

Janny S., 0-3, -293

I goofed up on recording stats today, by not recording individual scores. So, please send me the scores of any games you were in (besides games against me), so I can update the cumulative stats. Sorry for the oversight. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Official Meeting and Tourney Reminders

Just a quick reminder of two important upcoming events:

First, our March Official meeting is tomorrow at Perkin's restaurant in Lexington. We'll be meeting from 2-6 pm, but you're welcome to drop in and play as many games as you can, even if you can't stay for all 4. I encourage you to post in the comments section if you're planning to attend.

Second, don't forget the 7-game, NASPA-rated KY-WV tourney at Carter Caves State Park on Saturday, April 28. Details can be found at If you're listed as "tentative", please get me the $25 registration fee as soon as possible or let me know if you cannot attend. If you can't give me the fee in person, you can mail it to me at this address:

Steve Bush
913 Country Oaks Drive
Richmond KY 40475

If you're interested but not listed yet (even if only "tentative"), please let me know so I can add you to the list. Happy Scrabbling!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/4 Meeting

Once again I'll be in a program all day (us Buddhists are a holiday'n bunch) so I won't be at club, and next weekend I'll be working.
Anybody up for a few games next Friday? (barring any more tornadoes, that is)

Friday, February 24, 2012

2/26 Meeting

Who will be at this Sunday's meeting? I'll be traveling and miss this one and the next one.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

2013 Monthly Club Meeting Stats

Below is a list of cumulative stats from our Official monthly (second Sunday) meetings for 2013. You can get to this page by clicking the "Monthly Club Stats" link from the blog's front page, under the "Scrabble Lists and Statistics" heading.

Totals Wins Losses Avg Opp Avg Bingoes/Game
Steve Bush 20 5 416.9 339.4 1.96
Will Scott 22 7 419.5 351.0 1.59
Joe Roberdeau 3 1 382.5 365.3 1.50
Marc Broering 2 1 400.7 349.0 1.00
Thom Hehl 4 3 362.1 367.0 1.00
Margaret Yoder 3 4 363.3 369.4 1.29
Betty King 14 19 359.8 365.5 0.85
Victoria Bledsoe 11 14 351.0 369.8 1.08
David Brown 2 3 353.6 371.2 1.20
Jan Hatton 7 11 337.8 363.4 0.28
Janny Scheeline 5 19 293.6 397.8 0.13
Joe Deas 0 3 335.7 383.3 0.67
Cheryl Coovert 0 3 287.7 361.0 0.33

Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb. 12 Results

Note: The original post had errors in Marc's, Betty's and Victoria's results. The corrected info is below...

We had a total of 10 folks show up yesterday, a great turnout! Here are the results:

Marc Broering, 4-0, +403, EROTICA 65, MAsONED 75, LUNATION 66, PUERIlE 74, STARTLE 65, AERIALs 62, ESTrONE 64

Betty King, 3-1, +79, SEASIdE 66, OPIATES 64

Will Scott, 2-1, +274, FLOOZIES 130, DEBRiNED* 86, LADINOS 68, DEJECts 78, TaRTANA 68

Victoria Bledsoe, 2-2, -38, BARNIeST 60, STOURIES* 66, RETINAE 69, RELATERS 59, bECAUSE 66

Janny Scheeline, 1-2, -117, SiRLOIN 59

Steve Bush, 1-2, -137, ViCTORS 68, UNRuLING* 70

Sarah Webb, 0-1, -138, SUNnIER

Tom Webb, 0-1, -187, RAgGIEST 68

Cheryl Coovert, 0-3, -166, NEARING 65

I'm hoping to have cumulative stats from the first two official meetings posted soon. Our next official meeting will be Sunday, March 11. See you then!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Official Meeting this Sunday (New Time!)

Our second Official meeting is this coming Sunday. Starting with this meeting, we will start at 2pm, and play till 6. That's right, an extra game for the official meetings...what more incentive could anyone possibly need to come out and play? And of course, it's ok if you can't be present for all 4 games. As with all our meetings, show up when you can and stay as long as you desire.

As with the previous official meeting, I'll be compiling stats from each game. I'm still working on how to make them available online, so stay tuned.

So...I'll be there. Who else?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KY-WV Tourney is Official!

It's back! I'm happy to announce the return of NASPA-rated tournament play to the state of Kentucky, in the form of a joint 1-day, 7-game tourney with the Charleston WV club, on Saturday, April 28, at the scenic Carter Caves State Resort Park.

Details can be found on the flyer, here:

Brad and I have already started an entrants list on Cross-Tables, below. We already have 8 entrants from each state, with plenty room for more! Anyone that responded positively to my initial query about the tournament is listed there as "tentative". However, I do ask that as soon as possible, you get me the entry fee or let me know if you can't make it.

Also, let me remind you that since this is a NASPA tournament, you need to renew your membership if it has expired, before you can play. Links to renew (or join for the first time) can be found here (let me know if you have any questions or need assistance with this process):

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


2/6 Results

Below are the results from yesterday's unofficial meeting. I don't have Will's and Victoria's spreads since I didn't get the score of their game. I assume that since Will had 3 bingoes that he won, but let me know if that's not the case.

Steve, 3-0, +200, REGLETS 81, OVERBID 75, STONIER 74, RALLIES 70, GAMBlER 113

Will, 2-1, ROWDIES 81, NARGHiLE 68, lAXATIVE 71, INGESTEd 83, ACADEmE 68

Jan H., 1-1, -280

Victoria, 1-1, tINNIER 66

Cheryl, 0-2, -75, FiGHTER 71, LETTING 68

Saturday, February 4, 2012


First, it's looking like the KY-WV tourney is about to become a reality! Rated NASPA play will be returning to Kentucky, in the form of 7 games at the idyllic Carter Caves State Park, on April 28. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

Second, I'm planning to be at tomorrow's unofficial meeting, for at least part of the time. Beware that I may have difficulty containing my giddiness over the development mentioned above. I hope to be there at 2pm. Who else?


Friday, February 3, 2012

Will's Knoxville tournament recap

I was the top seed in division two, which had 10 players. I had previously played all but one player: Joann Goddard, from the Asheville club. Here's my recap:

Game 1, Joann Goddard: loss, 364-380. She opened with SPITTLE, and I thrashed around until mid-game, but back-to-back bingoes of Vi(A)TORES and (D)EsIGNED still left me 50 points behind. I kept gaining ground, but she went out first, cementing her win. She was the 10th seed, but she played like the top seed, and I drew both blanks.

Game 2, Bill Snoddy: win, 478-314. After exchanging on turn 5, I bingoed with S(E)CRETlY, and I stayed in control after that. Later I played fOLATES. On his last full rack, Bill got down TRIODES, but I bingoed out, playing PETERING through the T that he had just played. Again, I drew both blanks.

Game 3, Denise Mahnken: loss, 315-362. She drew both blanks, and I couldn't get anything going. Denise played STARInG, followed by MU(R)DEReD.

Game 4, Lois Greene: loss, 411-417. This is the one game I want back. Lois opened with CRIB, and I played I(C)KY to clean up my rack. Lois then played RELAXED for 99 points. I was busy with my scoresheet and only glanced at the play, noting that the X was on a triple-letter score, hence the high score. Only after she drew her tiles did I look at the board and want to kick myself. Lois had front-hooked ICKY with the R. She did not fast-bag me; I just wasn't attentive. In fact, she was confident of it; she even knew what it was. Only problem is, it's RICKEY. Damn. Later, she played LOUsIER, and I played OVe(R)THIN and later EA(R)STONE. Lois thought about challenging both of my bingos and my play of FLEAM, but unfortunately for me, she didn't.

Game 5, Jacob Cohen: win, 440-330. I had just one bingo: OUTHIRES, which I just now realized is a phony. I had a lot of 35-40-point plays, which gave me a cushion to absorb Jacob's late bingo, DANSEURS. This was the start of a seven-game win streak.

Game 6, Charlie Bond: win, 452-380. This was a bingo fest. After Charlie played TOURING on turn 3, I had three in a row: hERESIES, ABATORS (which he challenged) and F(R)AULEIN. A couple turns later, Charlie played DOGGoNE, but I was able to make points, and late in the game, I played COREI(G)N for 18, and he challenged. It was his only hope to steal a win.

Game 7, Yolanda Ushry: win, 406-300. For some reason, I have Yolanda's number. This win gave me 7 wins against her, with no losses. She opened with ZOEA, placing the Z between two double-word scores. My opening rack was GINSU??. I spent a lot of time looking in vain for a double-double bingo through the Z (there was only one: UPSIZING). Finally, I just played Z. I then drew the X, for a rack of ANSXU??. I missed the one good bingo in that rack and played XANthUS, which I thought was good. Yolanda wasn't sure but didn't challenge. Later, I played another phony, ROTIFY*, which my brain created from ROTIFER and RENOTIFY. Then I tried a third phony, hooking an S to VIVE. Bad idea. Fortunately, Yolanda struggled with her tiles all game, and I was able to pull away.

Game 8, David Meredith: win, 446-292. On turn 4, David tried a phony, FLORATED*. I challenged and was relieved to see it come off. Shortly after, I got two straight bingos, TALLIES and ANIMATO, followed by WECHT for 42. David later got down ENSNARER, but then later he tried another phony bingo (which I forgot to record) and then he ate both blanks.

Game 9, Willie Pitzer: win, 438-333. I was lucky to win this one. She bingoed with HEADING on turn 3, and I struggled early. Even after getting down NEURULAE on turn 4, I was down by 60 points. Z(E)IN on a triple for 69 helped me in on turn 6, and I had the promising rack of AGIORT?, with several tiles open. I spent a lot of time trying to find something, then I finally played off my O for 5 points, but I opened up another bingo lane near the top. Willie promptly closed that, but I finally found a bingo: (M)IGRATOR down to a triple for 83 points. Willie challenged, thinking it could only end in ER, but we later learned that -OR is the only acceptable ending. After that, I was able to pull ahead.

Game 10, Joann Goddard: win, 420-353. Joann jumped to an early lead with ENERGIES on turn 5, followed by 36-point and 32-point plays, but after a fruitful exchange, I closed some of the gap with TALENTS. She stayed ahead for much of the game, but I got down SLAP(P)ING for 84 on turn 12, and lucked out on my next turn, playing QI/QI on a double-letter for 44 points.

Game 11, Denise Mahnken: win, 401-290. We each exchanged on our first turns, and Denise exchanged again on turn 2. I started with TEUGH, and she answered with TRAIPSE for 63, but that was all that went right for her. I played DA(I)NTIER for 82 on turn 6, and from their, I was able to milk points out of short plays. Denise exchanged three times and lost a challenge -- the kind of game we all want to forget quickly.

Game 12, Jacob Cohen: loss, 383-527. I drew most of the power tiles, but Jacob pulled all the S's and one blank, and he took full advantage. He had four bingoes -- INIT(I)ATE for 68, RECANES for 94, ENLARGEd for 62 and (M)UENSTER for 72. Muenster. Wow. On his RECANES play, he had previously played FORBY, which I knew, but I didn't know that it takes a back E (FORBYE). So Jacob got the cool six AND a triple-word score. I played ROGATION and GREMLIN, but I was largely a spectator in this one, and my seven-game win streak was over.

Game 13, Yolanda Ushry: loss, 416-387. I knew my winning streak against Yoli couldn't continue for long. It didn't. I took a brief lead, but she played ZiTS for 66, followed by LISTERS for 68, and I never caught up. I had one bingo: tROTTT(I)NG for 68. My one bright spot was finding a nice play in a seemingly closed part of the board. My rack was awful: DGGIOPW. There was no place to unload more than two consonants, and I needed points. Somehow I spotted a play: WI(Z), making parallel plays of AW and JINNI. There was just enough room for that play and not much else.

Game 14, Willie Pitzer: win, 480-320. This win put me in third place for the final, King-of-the-hill round, with my spread putting me atop the pack of those with 9-5 records. The game turned early: My study of multiple-A sevens paid off when I played ALThAEA for 62 on turn 2. I was hoping for a challenge, but Willie didn't bite. Two turns later, with four, count 'em, four As on my rack, I exchanged three of them. That gave me a rack of AEIRSZ?, and I had to fight a gasp. There was an open I on the board between two double-word squares. It was in just the right spot for me to play SAt(I)RIZE for 114 points. But then, a problem: In that very spot, Willie played NITCHED. Hmm. I called "hold," and I thought. For some reason, I thought NITCH* was good -- an alternative spelling of NICHE. I didn't like it as a verb, and I just couldn't walk away from a potential 114-point play, so I challenged. Boy, was I relieved to see the ruling go my way. Down went SATIRIZE, and I cruised after that. Late in the game, holding AINNOST (ANOINTS, NATIONS, ONANIST, none of which played), I spotted an open A near the bottom of the board and played SONATINA for 68.

Game 15, Willie Pitzer: win, 441-378. This game almost ended very quickly. Willie spent some time working her tiles, then eventually passed. I learned from Scott Garner, a division one player, that if your opponent passes on the opening turn, unless you have a bingo, you exchange. So I did. Willie then passed again, and with no bingo, I exchanged again. Willie passed a third time. I had no bingo, but if I passed or exchanged, the game would end. I had AEIINOR, which would give me a score of minus-7. I considered ending the game, but I feared that Willie also had pennies, plus a blank, which would give her minus-6 and the win. So I chickened out and played OI for 4. Unfortunately, I gave her the I that she wanted, and she played PARAS(I)TE. I mitigated the bingo somewhat by playing a double-double REF(R)AIN for 40, then two turns later, I played CA(P)ERING for 80. Late in the game, I played ZI(N)S for 46, but she answered with NATUraL for 68 and the lead. Then, when it really mattered, I managed a decent endgame. With the Z on a triple lane, I played (Z)INS to the triple for 39. Willie, knowing I had the Q, blocked the one open U on the board but scored only 6 points. I wasn't too concerned about that U,because I could play QI/QI for 24 points in two places. Willie had forgotten that one U was unseen, and I lucked out, drawing the last U and an O. I played QUO(L)L on a double-word, with the Q on a triple-letter, for 68 points.

That win, and my 867 spread, gave me second place. I averaged 418 points, among my highest ever, and I had 26 bingoes, averaging 1.73 a game, also very high. Lest I get too cocky, I drew 57 percent of the blanks and had 58 percent of the bingoes in my games, so I'm still only as smart as my blanks. Still, I had a blast, I increased my rating, and I won some money, including $150 for second place, $5 for high loss (411) and $5 for high word (SATIRIZE).

Next tournament: Eastern Championships, Charlotte, Feb. 17-20.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Club Results for Jan. 29

W - L
3 - 1
CRAFT(E)R 79       BAITERS 70
      TAINTERS 59 (phony)
3 - 0
1 - 2
Janet S

Knoxville results 1/28/12

According to, Will finished second in Division 2, 10-5 +867. He gained 16 ratings points. Betty finished eighth in Division 3, 6-9 -325 and gained 8 ratings points.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Knoxville, anyone?

Best of luck to Will this weekend in the Knoxville tourney. Anyone else going to make the trip? Unfortunately I can't this time, but hopefully will in June. I wanted to put in a last-minute plug for this tourney for anyone that may be on the fence.

If you're looking for some rated Scrabble play, I strongly recommend this tournament. It's only about 2 1/2 hours away, and the directors, Vicki Blizzard and Trish Harrop, always do a great job. They're usually pretty good about accommodating last-minute entries, too, but you should let them know soon (within the next few days) if you're going.

Details can be found here:

Late results from Jan. 15

Four of us crowded into the overflow room at Perkins on Jan. 15. David Brown made his final winter-break appearance before heading back to Grinnell College.
Here are the results:

Will Scott: 3-0, +302
David Brown: 2-1, +213
Janice Hatton: 2-2, +29
Victoria Bledsoe: 0-4, -543

David: IGNOReD 91, (O)LDSTERS 65
Janice: SANDERS 76, SLANDER 71
Victoria: ARSENAL 73, EROtiSM 71

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meeting 1/22

Tomorrow is another unofficial meeting. I'll be a drop-in arrival if I can make it at all. What about you?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meeting 1/15

Tomorrow is an unofficial meeting, but don't let that stop you from coming out. Unfortunately I can't be there. What about you?

Monday, January 9, 2012

January Official Meeting Results

We had a nice turnout yesterday, 8 people, for our inaugural official meeting. I'm hoping that we can build on this for future monthly meetings. Pass the word!

Here are yesterday's results:

Will: 3-0, +392, 6 bingoes: VESTiGE 82, PANTANIS* 62, mOODIEST 61, SNACKING 84, ENSILAGE 71, MITeReD 74

Steve: 2-1, +409, 8 bingoes: THESAURI 72, RETICLE 85, SPINDLE 76, SIENItE 82, YAWPiNG 95, FOLIAGE 81, BENNIEs 72, EGRESSEs 77

Betty: 2-1, +335, 6 bingoes: GALEATeS* 61, TWINGEs 67, ROOTLET 65, SAVVIEr 76, SHOUTED 75, INSTEAD 84

Jan H: 2-1, -154, 2 bingoes: DESOlVeS* 84, bIDDIES 75

Kathy: 1-1, -62, 1 bingo: VAlLIES* 94

David: 1-2, -37, 4 bingoes: SERIATE 75, PORTRAYS 63, iNSTATE 67, DEVIATE 81

Victoria: 1-2, -68, 2 bingoes: WEDGIES 79, MOULTEn* 61

Janny S: 0-2, -332, 0 bingoes

Cheryl: 0-2, -483, 1 bingo: PARDNER 83

I'm setting up a spreadsheet with cumulative stats as well. It's a work in progress but I'll post a link to it when I have the first pass done.

The next official meeting will be Sunday, Feb. 12. Hope to see you then!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Official Club Meeting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Jan. 8, is our first monthly, 2nd Sunday "official" club meeting for 2012. Get ready for some major changes!

Nah, just kidding, we'll still be playing Scrabble like normal. The main difference is that I will start keeping statistics for the official meetings (cumulative wins/losses, average score, average opponents' score, # of bingoes, etc.). I may eventually institute a club rating system, but for now I'll see how I do with the basic stats. My plan is to have the stats available online via a link from the blog or website...which I still need to work out.

We'll start at the normal 3pm. Folks are still welcome to show up before that for some early pickup games, but those games will not count in the stats.

I'm hoping we can have strong turnout for this and future official meetings. I'll be there...who else?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Club results for Jan. 1, 2012 Happy New Year!

W - L
ADV(E)RSE 77       ATINGLE 81
      MESHING 87       RAINOUTS 60
GENITAL(S) 68     H(U)NTING 76
      DANDIES(T) 63     SOUTANE 67
      SLINGER 74    
Jan H
ECLAIR(S) 66  
RETU(R)NS ?       I(G)NORER 59
      RENEGE(S) 68    
Janet S
VARIANCE 71       MOI(S)TER 70
(C)OL(L)ATER 62  (phony)