Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lexington Scrabble Club local club tourney, 4/18/2009

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous spring day in the Bluegrass, and a great day for an all-day local club tournament. Fourteen of us spent the day mostly inside doing battle over our Scrabble boards. In addition to our local folks, we were happy to have Marc Broering and David Meredith drive over from Louisvile to join us.

Here are the results from this two-division, seven-round tourney --

Marc Broering, 6-1, +611 (first place, $80)
Tyler Hannan, 5-2, +486 (second place, $40)
Steve Bush, 4-3, +287
Will Scott, 3-4, -261
David Meredith, 2-5, -493
Andrew Wade, 1-6, -630

Brad Wade, 6-1, +703 (first place, $80)
Charles Faber, 5-2, +401 (second place, $40)
John Spangler, 5-2, +286
Joetta Wilkinson, 4-3, +18
Betty King, 3-4, +212
Cheryl Coovert, -367
Thomas Hehl, 2-5, +185
Pat Binzer, 0-7, -1438

SECONDARY PRIZES ($10 each in both divisions)
Highest win -- Div. 1, Marc Broering; Div. 2, Brad Wade
Highest loss -- Div. 1, Andy Wade; Div. 2, Charles Faber
Highest play --Div. 1, Tyler Hannan for UNRIFLED, 121 pts.; Div. 2, Brad Wade
(Commenters will please confirm these results; sorry for my poor memory here.)

The tourney was held at our Monday evening club location, VFW Post 680's meeting hall, which worked out well. Special thanks to the post's Ladies' Auxiliary for making lunch (grilled hamburgers and cheeseburgers with all the fixings, french fries, nachos) on site and at a very reasonable price. The food was great, and several opted to eat out back outside in the post's picnic pavilion.

All of the blog team members were there so I expect a lot of posts and comments.

For my part, hats off to:
  • Cheryl Coovert, who in our first round game, beat me soundly with THREE bingos in a row: CUIS(I)NE 76, ANOINTER 70, and INSPIRE 71.
  • Pat Binzer, who only recently started at club and now has her first tournament under her belt -- like all of us when we first started, she is hanging in there and becoming more familiar with the rules and vocabulary of club and tournament Scrabble and having a good time in the process.
  • Joetta Wilkinson, our club director, who has now directed her first tournament and is already talking about doing more! Way to go, Joetta!
It was a fun, relaxed day with seven rounds of competitive Scrabble. Life is good!

Added text (4/23/2009): NSA's ratings for our tournament are now up. Cross-Tables seems to be behind on postings; right now the most recent tournaments shown there were held on April 5. Maybe the C-T guys are on spring break! If so, it's well deserved!


Will Scott said...

Many thanks and congratulations to Joetta for a fine effort in her first time directing a tournament. Thanks also to John Spangler, who did a lot of the support work every second that he wasn't playing.

Cheryl said...

And it was all downhill after that first game although I did manage to finish 3-4 which I consider acceptable after doing no study prep at all.

Yay John for doing support! I don't think I could handle taking that director's test.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry that we were not able to attend this tourney - we were there in spirit though! And thanks everyone for being supportive and helping out Mom - she really enjoys seeing everyone having a good time.

Steve said...

Kudos to Joetta and John both for doing such a fine job, and fostering such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It was quite a pleasant change from the previous Lex tourney. Well done!

davidme said...

Actually from Bowling Green, about 2 hours further, but the tournament was much fun, thanks!