Saturday, May 2, 2009

Charleston WV Day 1

Day 1 went very well for me, I finished 8-0 +904. I definitely drew very well, and I feel like I played well too. The second place player is 7-1 +449 so I have a very large lead on spread, and I think if I can go 2-2 or better tomorrow I should win the division. My estimated rating gain at the moment is +94 however that will go down drastically with even 1 loss because I will lose all of the acceleration points. I am just happy that I should be breaking 1500 and placing in the money.
The tourney venue is a pretty big nice hotel, with a bar right outside the tourney room and a TV where we watched the Derby. (1-50 shot winning the derby???)
Off to play a doubles scrabble variant.

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Andy W. said...

Here's to seeing you break the day 2 curse!! Just keep playing your game:)....(and not theirs)