Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good luck to Kentuckian Brian Bowman at WSC 2009!

The 2009 World Scrabble Championship is being played at Johor Bahru, Malaysia, from November 26 to 29, and one of the players there is BRIAN BOWMAN from Villa Hills, Kentucky, who has played at our club and in Lexington tournaments. We wish him all the best there!

Unlike club and tournament play here under the rules of the North American Scrabble Players Association, the WSC uses Harper/Collins (SOWPODS) instead of OWL2 + the LL, and the penalty for an unsuccessful challenge is a five-point penalty for each incorrectly challenged word, not loss of a turn.

There are competitors from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, England, France, Ghana, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Oman, Pakistan, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinadad and Tobago, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Wales, and Zambia.

And, one of them is our friend from northern Kentucky. Good luck to Brian!

ADDED COMMENT (11/28/2009):

The 2009 World Scrabble Championship website has live coverage of its games. John Chew, NASPA Co-President and developer of tsh tournament management software, is providing this and doing the commentary.

Brian finished the next-to-the-last day of the tournament at 14-10, +441. He is currently in 23th place out of 108 players. The top ten finishers will receive prizes totalling $30,500.

Here is a link to Brian's tournament results page.

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Brian Bowman said...

Thanks for your support! Sorry I couldn't make the tourney last weekend; hold another one soon! :)