Friday, December 24, 2010

Attendance Survey for 12/26 Club Session; Report on 12/19 Club Session

It felt really, really good to be back at club this past Sunday after a month's absence due to emergency cardiac bypass surgery -- and I even won two of my three games! :-) Five of us (Betty, Cheryl, Victoria, Will, and I) were there for four rounds of Alfred's word game (the dreaded S-word to me, see my blog post). I will add results from that session to this post later; right now I want to get the attendance survey up for our club session this coming Sunday, December 26, Boxing Day.

Club members will please indicate whether they will be able to attend club on Sunday, December 26 by leaving a comment to this blog entry or by e-mailing John at

Here are the responses as of Sunday, December 26, at 1:15 p.m., EST:
  • 3 WILL BE ATTENDING the club session on Sunday, December 26 -- John, Victoria, Will
  • 1 WILL NOT BE ATTENDING the club session on Sunday, December 26 -- Adam (in W.Va.)
  • 1 IS UNSURE ABOUT ATTENDING the club session on Sunday, December 26 -- Betty
Happy Holidays to all! It looks like we have a White Christmas in store for us, but after all the bustle of the season, why not come to club on Sunday and unwind?



Anonymous said...

Betty is unsure for 12-26

Victoria said...

I will stop by Perkin's at 3 to see if anyone shows up.

Anonymous said...

heck I didn't even consider it was Sunday until 2 am.... so I didn't make it either.