Friday, March 25, 2011

Club on March 27, and publicity

I again am a maybe for club on Sunday. I wish I could commit, but I've got too many things going on right now. I hope others can make it.

Cheryl's post urging us to publicize club got me moving. I ran into a former colleague who plays three-minute games online, and I gave her a copy of the flyer. I also gave one to a co-worker whose 12-year-old daughter is getting into the game (I had earlier given them the cheat sheet).

Also, I put a blurb for our club on the Herald-Leader's online events listing. There's a delay in posting, so once it shows up, I'll repost it here in case anyone wants to make a correction or recommend a wording change.


Steve said...

I'm also a maybe. I just got back into town Wednesday night so I'll see how I'm doing.

Victoria said...

I plan to attend on the 27th.

Anonymous said...

I'm at work!