Thursday, June 23, 2011

Club Sunday 26June

Several of our members went to Knoxville last weekend, with mixed results. This Sunday will be a chance for them to either gloat over their success, or lick their wounds and take their frustrations out on those of us who couldn't make it there.

I'm a maybe at this point, but should be able to say for sure by Saturday evening.


Anonymous said...

Won't be there this week - hope to make it next week.

Jan Hatton

Cheryl said...

I'm working this weekend, and I will not mention my great need to lick wounds.

PS to Will: I got yer envelope for one of those prizes from Knoxville.

Will Scott said...

Prize? I won a prize?

I will not make it to club on Sunday. Have fun, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of maybe coming today, but is anybody else going to show up??

I won't come unless someone else agrees to come also.

Tom Webb

Steve said...

Sorry, I'm not going to make make it after all, either.

Anonymous said...

I can come


Cheryl said...

Will: High Loss Sunday, $10