Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Club results, Sunday June 26

We had 3 folks attend on 6/26. 3 games were played, for which Margaret collected the results as listed below. Thanks Margaret!

3 attended - David, Andrea, Margaret
Game 1 David (403) over Andrea (343)
Bingoes by David: INEARTH, pRONAT(E)S (the p was already there, the E was a blank) I didn't know to keep the points per bingo.
Game 2: Margaret (300) over Andrea (296)
No bingoes (is it bingos or bingoes???) (both spellings are valid - Steve)
Game 3: Margaret (434) over David (343)
Bingoes by Margaret: AGONIES, DE(B)ARkER (the k was already there, the B was a blank)
Game 4: David (425) over Andrea (300)
Bingo by Andrea: CHLORIDe (the e was already there)
Bingoes by David: GRaCe(L)ESS (the a and e were already there, the L was a blank), O(U)TRAGE (the U was a blank), READIEsT (the s was already there)

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