Friday, August 5, 2011

Club results for July 31 - better late than never...

We were joined for one game by Parker, one of the servers at Perkins.

NAME       Win-Loss     SPREAD         BINGOES

David           3-0           +425             AV(I)ATOR 72   i(N)FLATED    CINEAST 77                                                         AR(M)LESS 79   FEARI(N)G 68   INWARDlY 72
                                                    iNTERNES 70

Jan             3-0            -71                 (S)KATING     ENTRIES     SNOOK(E)(R)

Betty           2-2           +348         MAFT(I)RS 78     HEARER(S) 69    AU(D)ITEE                                                    INFESTED    (C)AFTONS (phony)

Victoria         1-2         -184

Tom             1-1         +134                 (S)TrEAKER 73

Susanna       1-1           +64             A(N)TSIER 67 ENTESIA (phony) RENTERS 76

Cheryl         1-3         -272             ANILINE(S) 66     RENDERED 61

Parker         0-1         -100

PS: I am tied up this Sunday and working next weekend, so I won't be at club for 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

I will be at club tomorrow


Anonymous said...

I plan to be also

Victoria said...

I'm planning on it, too.

Steve said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. Had to attend a funeral of a family friend. I hope to be back next Sunday though.

Anonymous said...

Dear all fellow scrabble players
This is Andrea Carman reporting from Flemingsburg, KY. Just wanted you to know that my family and I are settling in quite well. I miss you. I'd love to know if you're gonna do a local tourney anytime soon. God bless!

Steve said...

Hi Andrea,

Good to hear you're doing ok there. I don't have any LCT's planned at the moment, but I'll keep you posted on whenever I'm ready to do the next one. Regardless, I hope you can drop in on us from time to time.

Cesar Bielich said...

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