Sunday, September 18, 2011

Q: Who had fun at Charleston?

A: Everybody! (Everybody from Kentucky, anyway)

All seven Kentucky players (and all are in the Lexington club) brought home rating points, for a total of 223 points.

We kicked butt in the early bird and in the main event. Steve, Will (hello!) and Betty all won their early bird divsions. Steve was 3-1 in Div. 1 (!), Will was 4-0 in Div. 2 and Betty was 4-0 in Div. 6.

In the main event, Steve was fifth in Div. 1 with a 5-8 record against the toughest players (he lost the final game by a few points; had he won it, he would have vaulted to third), Will was second in Div. 2, Andy was third in Div. 3 (as a 12th seed!), and in Div. 4, Victoria was eighth at 7-6, Betty was 10th at 6-7, Janice was 14th at 5-7, and Cheryl was 18th at 4-8. Everyone except will finished above their seed; Will matched his No. 2 seed.

Here is the breakdown of points gained, from before the early bird to the end of the main tourney:

Steve: 33 points
Will 55 points
Andy: 39 points
Betty: 44 points
Victoria: 19 points
Jan: 17 points
Cheryl: 16

Total: 223

I haven't broken it down yet, but even though the tourney was in West Virgina, I think most of the rating points came at the expense of North Carolina.


Cheryl said...

huh if I gained 16 that puts me up to all of 400.
w00 h00. :D

Will Scott said...

Hey, it's a start. You're going in the right direction.

Raf said...

I had a blast, too! Brad did a great job!

Steve said...

Nice post, Will. Your post to CGP on Brad's superb job as a director was spot on, also. What a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Think I only gained about 17 points. But had fun anyway.


Will Scott said...

Whoops! sorry, Jan.

Margaret said...

Glad you all had fun! i wanted to go, but Eric had a soccer game - and it was senior day, so I escorted him to the field.

I'm coming to club tomorrow...