Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Official Club Meeting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Jan. 8, is our first monthly, 2nd Sunday "official" club meeting for 2012. Get ready for some major changes!

Nah, just kidding, we'll still be playing Scrabble like normal. The main difference is that I will start keeping statistics for the official meetings (cumulative wins/losses, average score, average opponents' score, # of bingoes, etc.). I may eventually institute a club rating system, but for now I'll see how I do with the basic stats. My plan is to have the stats available online via a link from the blog or website...which I still need to work out.

We'll start at the normal 3pm. Folks are still welcome to show up before that for some early pickup games, but those games will not count in the stats.

I'm hoping we can have strong turnout for this and future official meetings. I'll be there...who else?


Anonymous said...

Count me in for tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I'm back!


Will Scott said...

I'm in. I might even be early.

Steve said...

I'll try to be at least a little bit early too. By the way, I'd like for us to play in the "large" area at Perkin's tomorrow, in (hopeful) anticipation that there will be too many of us to fit comfortably in the smaller room we've been using over the past few weeks. Plus there's an outlet there for my laptop power supply. :)

Anonymous said...

I will be there.

Jan H.