Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Meeting Location - Bob Evans on Richmond Road

Good news!  The Bob Evans restaurant on Richmond Road (at the interchange with New Circle Road) has agreed to host our meetings at our normal time, 2-6pm on Sundays.  It's a tall order, but I'm hoping that they'll be every bit as accommodating to us as Perkins was.  I would ask that any of us that visit there (especially during the first few weeks of meeting there), please make an effort to purchase food and drink, even if it's just coffee and dessert, to make it worth their while to have us there.

So, starting this Sunday, May 13, we will be meeting at Bob Evans on Richmond Road.  That said, who will be there?  I will not, and I imagine turnout will be light, due to Mother's Day commitments.  If you do plan to attend, please post here.  I would also appreciate if you can email me afterward (privately) and let me know your impressions of the place and if you see any reason why it wouldn't work out long-term.

I will hold off on scheduling an Official meeting there until we've had a few weeks to "break the place in," so to speak.  Thanks to those who helped with finding us a new location so quickly.


Anonymous said...

I won't be at club this Sunday


Will Scott said...

I have to work Sunday afternoon, but I'll try to make it for the first round.

Anonymous said...

Mother's day? so what? I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Will not be there tomorrow