Friday, June 22, 2012

Knoxville tournament, brief report

Five Lexington club members played in the Knoxville tournament June 16 and 17.

Here are the members' results.
Div 3:
Betty King, fourth place, 9-6, +328
Margaret Yoder, eighth place, 8-7,  +269
Victoria Bledsoe, 11 place, 7-8, +323

Div 1:
Will Scott, second place, 10-4-1, +619
Eric Yoder, 13th place, 6-9, -406

In addition to her fourth-place prize, Betty won the Howard Prichard/Millicent King award, given to the player in Division 3 who finishes highest above his or her seed. The prize was $100 and a copy of "Bob's Bible."

Lexington club members returned with a net gain of 44 rating points. Woohoo!

Other Kentucky players were Mark Edward Owens of the Pikeville area in Division 1, who finished 6-9, -226, and Carrie Petrocelli, who lives west of Louisville and was in her first tournament. She finished 1-14, a tough beginning, but she was lauded for handling her struggles graciously. We're hoping to see her and her husband, who also plays, at our club meetings occasionally.

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Steve said...

Thanks for the report, Will. I wish I could have been there, but I'm glad our club (and Kentucky in general) was well-represented regardless.