Monday, March 3, 2014

Results, March 2

There were three of us on Sunday, including two new-old faces: Matthew, freshly moved back from Iowa after five years (Wendy was busy with the annual telefund, so she couldn't make it), and Kelly, who hadn't been to club in two years, but who says she'll be back a little more often. Because there was only one game going at a time, we were efficient enough for everyone to play four games.

By far the most interesting game of the day was Matthew and Kelly's second match. Each player had three bingoes, and Matthew had a bingo-size five-tile play. Final score: Matthew 483; Kelly 444.

Here's Matthew's quick synopsis of that game:

Things really heated up at turn 5. Kelly fired the first shot over the bow with CARYOTE* for 76. I held it, only being familiar with CARYOTIN, but decided to play it safe and leave it, since it gave me H(A)STENER for 74. (EUCARYOTE and EUKARYOTE are valid.) My next three plays were MANITOS for 71, OUTMOVE for 79, and QUINS for 68. And I needed all of them! Kelly came right back with OUTGREW for 82. She finished with INITIALS for 66 and FOXY for 47 to take the lead. Fortunately for me, I'd had two out-play possibilities that could not both be blocked.

Here are the results:

Matthew: 4-0, +231  (picking up right where he left off)
Bingoes: NATTIER 72, OVERDOES 77, HASTENER 74, MANITOS 71, OUTMOVE 79, DEXTRIN 96 (very first play of the day!), STONABLE 80, MONSTERA 80, RURALISE 65, MALIGNED 66. Plus QUINS 68.  For those of you keeping score at home, that's 10 bingoes in four games. Nice entrance, Matthew!

Will: 1-3,  -28

Kelly: 1-3, -203
Bingoes: SHADOWS 81,  CARYOTE*, (play score unrecorded), OUTGREW 82, INITIALS 66. Plus FOXY 47, ZAG 40 and ZAG 46. (Here's a scouting report: Just when you think she'll zig, she'll ZAG.)

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