Sunday, September 21, 2014

I vote we stick with TWL2 for six months, and then adopt Collins, because I believe that Collins will eventually become the global standard anyway. (We US'ers need to get out of our silo on this and join the bigger world. Not that I want to have to so many more words, but, you know my opinion of NASPA and by extension, Hasbro too.)


Matthew D RIdout said...

In order to safely continue to with the use of the word "Scrabble' for club and tournament play, I think staying and playing under the Hasbro-endorsed US dictionary is important. I'm not against the Collins word list -if- NASPA were to ever formally encourage it's use, instead of the current position of merely offering and tolerating it.

Cheryl said...

NASPA will (hopefully) do what the majority of its members vote for. (sinister laughter in the background....)

Steve said...

I'm personally not very keen on Collins. However, if NASPA mandated a switchover to it (highly unlikely, btw), I'd go along with.

To me, it's not so much TWL vs. Collins. I just don't want to have to support two dictionaries, either as a player or a director. I guess I just like to keep it simple. :)