Friday, June 10, 2016

June 5 Results to be posted by tomorrow

Sorry I'm so late on posting last Sunday's results.  I hope to get them up tomorrow.

I do have a few bits of good news, though:

1) Congratulations to Will Scott, he is now an official NASPA Club/Tournament director!  It's a good thing, because...

2) Mark your calendars for July 23, we're planning another Richmond 8-game, one day tourney.  It will be at a new location, on EKU's campus.  We'll get the facility for free and there's a kitchen adjacent to the playing area.  However, since tables/chairs are limited, and we're trying this space for the first time, I'm limiting the field to 24 entrants, first come, first served.  Entry fee is $35, deadline Wednesday, July 20.  Please register soon if you plan to play!  I hope to have a flyer posted by this weekend.

3) Our Fall tournament is now on the NASPA Calendar.  I'll have a flyer and cross-tables list up soon.

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