Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bluegrass Club in Fort Wayne

Division 1

Steve is currently in 26th place with a record of 8-6, with a spread of +53. He is one of 15 players with a 8-6 record. Steve's most notable win has so far come against Rafi Stern, who entered the tournament with a rating of 2021. He will be playing another 8-6 player, Scott Appel of Pennsylvania, first tomorrow.

Ian Weinstein of Florida is currently in first with a record of 13-1; six players are behind him at 10-4.

Division 2

The quartet of Bluegrassers are 16th (David), 17th (Ken), 26th (Matthew), and 49th (Will) out of 115.

David and Ken are both 9-5, two of 11 players at the record; David's spread of +448 is a bit ahead of Ken's of +406. David's wins include ones against #1 seed Roy Kamen and #6 seed Joel Horn. The highest seeded win Ken has so far is versus #8 seed Matt Stafford. David and Ken are scheduled to play each other in round 16. In round 15, Ken plays #35 seed Joe South of Ohio, while David faces #5 seed Menachem Rosenberg of New Jersey.

Matthew is 8-6. His spread of +447 is the fourth highest of all players with that record. Matthew's bounced back nicely from a three game losing streak to start; he had a five-game win streak from rounds 7-11. He has lost two of his last three, but looks to bounce back in round 15 against an attendee of our tournaments, Cynthia Seales of Georgia.

Will is one of three teams with a record of 7 wins, 6 losses and one tie. His spread is currently -100. He next faces Mary E. Goulet of Virginia.

The top five players in this division are currently 11-5; Mark Fidler of Massachusetts has the best spread of +993.

Division 4

Wendy is currently 7-7 with a +135 spread. She is 40th out of 84 players. The highest seed opponent she has defeated so far is #8 Peter Hopkins of Toronto. Wendy has swapped losses and wins in her last six rounds; she hopes to break that sequence in her next match, where she faces the second seed, Conchita Deprospo of Florida.

On a final note, while no one from the club is competing in Division 3 or CSW, they are lead respectively by Ben Greenwood of Massachsuetts (13-1) and David Eldar of Australia (13-1). Greenwood has a two game lead; Eldar, three games.

Keep up the great work, everyone!

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