Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 15 results, corrected

I had reversed the winner of Joes and Victorias game. Please let me know if something isnt right.

Joe came down from Ohio and squeezed in five games, making it worth the drive home in darkness and rain. Darrell returned after his first visit last week, and he is showing marked improvement. Here are the results:

Will 4-0, +565
Victoria 2-1, +15
Janny 1-1,  -141
Joe  2-3, +96
Darrell 0-4, -535

Joe       415  HEARTIER

Victoria 386   EASTERN
Darrell   286   NOISIEST

Janny     388
Joe         319   RISSOLE INSANER

Will        444   ENTREES
Janny      234

Joe          379   RECORDS  RESIDING
Darrell    338   THRUSTER

Will         460   OVERTILL* PAESANO
Darrell     233

Joe           384    DEFIANT
Victoria   352    ENTRANTS  GRATINE

Will         363    DILATORY
Victoria   246

Joe           444   DEACONS  IDEATES
Darrell     277 


Anonymous said...

The result of my game with Victoria is backwards. The score is correct except that Victoria won and I lost.

Joe Roberdeau

Will Scott said...

Oops! Thanks for the correction.