Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Tourneys of Club Members

Last Revised January 8, 2009

This is a continuing blog entry to map and list tournaments attended by members of the Lexington Scrabble Club in 2009.

Map of 2009 Tourneys of Lexington Scrabble Club Members

On the map given above, blue placemarks indicate locations of tournaments attended by club members with links to Cross-Tables pages for tournament results for the division in which the member played. (By clicking on the arrow at the far left of the line for the member, you can see the member's game by game data.) Red placemarks indicate locations of future tournaments for which members have registered or tentatively registered; after the tournament occurs, its placemark will be changed from red into blue (if any members did, in fact, attend the tournament) or removed (if none attended).

List of 2009 Tourneys of Lexington Scrabble Club Members

  • John -- Twin Cities Redeye, Bloomington, MN (Jan. 17-18) -- upcoming: Plainfield, IN (Mar. 7); Elyria, OH (March 14-15); Charleston, WV EB (May 1); Charleston, WV (May 2-3); Pittsburgh, PA (June 13-14)
  • Steve -- upcoming: Plainfield, IN (Mar. 7)
  • Will -- upcoming: Plainfield, IN (Mar. 7); Myrtle Beach, SC EB (Mar. 27); Myrtle Beach, SC (Mar. 28-29)

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