Sunday, January 4, 2009

The more, the merrier!

It is a pleasure to welcome CHERYL and TYLER to the team of contributors to this blog.

The Lexington, Kentucky Scrabble blog is intended to be a group blog for our local Scrabble club, and all interested members of the club are encouraged to join as authors and to post entries here.

If you are a LSC member and are interested in participating as a blogger, you can (1) leave a comment on any blog entry indicating that you want to be added to the blog team, (2) e-mail me at, or (3) let me know at a club meeting, and I will send you an invite that will let you register for access rights as an author.

The more of you who take part in the blog, the better it will be, as you share your experiences at Scrabble, study techniques, news about yourself or other club members, bits of humor, or whatever else you may want to post.

John Spangler

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