Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here's what happens to folks who don't study;

I was seeded fifth in the annual Charleston WV tournament, bottom division, finished fifth after playing the 6th seed in the last three rounds. That's 3-9, -604, high game 402.
Most of the rest of the Lexington club attendees did better. Betty King reported she was 7-5, same division, +507, for third place. Andy Wade finished third in Division C with 7-5, +349 point spread.

Will Scott played up to Division A, which was light on entries for this tournament. He was seeded sixth and placed fifth. He won High Play with TIGHTWAD (98 points).


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cheryl for your faithful reporting...The tournaments are true battles!!

John said...

But, what is more important, Cheryl, is did you have fun?

I don't study either -- and at the first WGPO tourney at Bloomington, MN, this past weekend I was seeded eighth and finished fourth (and in the money!) at 8-6, +38.

And what's more important, I had a really great time! :-)

Cheryl said...

Well yes, I did have fun! except for the drive home through the floods! A good night's sleep on Friday just might be worth another 50 bucks, too! But even short on snooze time, my brain functioned worthily on Saturday.