Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Results from May 23 Local Club Tournament

Our first local club tournament in 2010 went really well. Six members played, and the writer of this post directed. He compliments all participants on their adherence to the rules; it was a real pleasure to direct the tourney.

Here are the results and the prize winners:

Format: Name, Win-Loss, Spread -- Old NASPA rating, New NASPA rating, Prize (if any)

---Steve Bush, 4-1, +496 -- 1461, 1457 (first place, $15)
---Andrew Wade, 4-1, +408 -- 1019, 1023 (second place, $12)
---Betty King, 3-2, +71 -- 666, 675 (third place, $10)
---Victoria Bledsoe, 2-3, -215 -- none, 642
---Andrea Carman, 1-4, -270 -- none, 500
---Janice Hatton, 1-4, -490 -- 503, 498

Jan Hatton won High Play (excluding prize finishers) for $8 for playing WINTERS for 81 points.

This was the first tournament for Victoria Bledsoe and Andrea Carman. Congratulations, ladies!

Our tournament is the first local club tournament to be rated by the Word Game Players' Organization (WGPO), and this is also the first tournament to be dually rated by both the North American Scrabble Players Association (NASPA) and the WGPO. The NASPA cross-table report for our tourney may be found at . Information on the WGPO ratings will be added to this post when that information becomes available.

Director! tournament management software was used at this tournament. This was the first time that I have used this program in running a tourney, and I could not have been more pleased. The program is easily learned and has an excellent tutorial and detailed, readily understandable help material. Director! uses a familiar drop-down menu graphical user interface; there is no extensive list of commands to learn. Hats off to Marc Levesque for authoring this fine software program and making it available to Scrabble tournament directors free of charge!

Special thanks to our club's apprentice director Steve Bush, for helping out at the tourney and for developing the wall chart printout used at the tourney and putting together a pre-tourney help document for first-time tourney players. As the final part of his apprenticeship, Steve will be the primary director for our next local club tournament.

Club members are asked to respond by e-mail to me at or by blog entry comment about whether or not they would be interested in having another local club tournament on Sunday, June 27. Here is a link to the blog entry reporting the responses to holding an LCT on that date.

John Spangler, Director
Lexington Scrabble Club

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