Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attendance Survey for Sunday, July 25

Club members are asked to indicate whether or not they plan on being at our club session on Sunday, July 25, by leaving a response as a comment to this blog entry OR by e-mailing John at .

The responses so far, as of July 24, 2010, at 9:00 p.m., are:

9 will be able to attend: Andrea, Betty, Cheryl, David, Eric, Margaret, Margaret's mother (who may play), Victoria, Will, Steve
2 will not be able to attend: Jan, John
1 is unsure about attending: Janny

A reminder that our August local club tournament will be held on Sunday, August 22. Be sure to mark your calendars and plan on coming.

Here are links to web postings of results to our dually-rated LCT last Sunday --

Hope that you can make it to club on Sunday!

John and Steve


Anonymous said...

My mom wants to see what it's like, so we are coming, but we might miss the first game and get there in time for the second one.

(Margaret and Eric, and my Mom might play?)

Victoria said...

I plan to be at Perkin's by 3pm.

Anonymous said...

I will be coming


Steve said...

I should be able to be there after all.

spellingmom said...

Sorry for the late notice. I will not be attending this afternoon.