Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4 Club Session; July and August LCT's

We were unsure about whether to have a club session on Sunday, July 4, but several of you expressed a desire to play (we Scrabblers are enthusiastic about playing!), so club will be held, although neither John nor Steve will be there. (You can give John a call at home if you have a director's call to be decided.) Here are those who have responded that they will be there --

Responses as of 7/3/2010, at 11:30 p.m.
5 will be attending: Betty, Cheryl (may be late), Jan H., Margaret, Victoria
Our first two local club tournaments in 2010 were very well received, and we have decided to try to hold an LCT once a month. Dates for the next two LCT's will be Sunday, July 18 (John directing), and Sunday, August 22 (Steve directing). We'll do the attendance survey on the August tourney closer to that event, but here is the information for the July LCT --
Attendance responses are now at a more recent blog post. linked here.
Tourney Format: LCT runs from 3 p.m. to around 9 p.m. -- 5 games, with a meal break at Perkins, after Round 3; pairing system and prize structure to be determined, rated by both NASPA and WGPO; $12 entry fee, payable at site (includes $2.50 NASPA participation fee; WGPO has no ratings fees) -- NASPA membership ($30/yr. or $15/6 mos.) required to play; WGPO membership not required to play but membership is free and players are encouraged to join. -- LCT's are one-third rated by NASPA and fully rated by WGPO.
We had ten playing at the June LCT; it would be great to have that many or more at the one this month.
Have a great Independence Day!
John and Steve


Victoria said...

Please sign me up for the July 18 tournament.

I have really enjoyed the first two!

Andrea said...

I just got a new CNA job. I'll find out my schedule on the 8th, so the LCT is 50/50 until then, because I was told I'd be off every other weekend, so I don't know how they'll start me... I'll let you know

Cheryl said...

I have to work that weekend, so I'm out.