Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Results of 8/22 LCT

We had a record attendance for Sunday's LCT, with 17 participants. Way to go, everyone! A special thanks, too, for those that traveled from out of town for the event: Frank Schin and David Moersdorf from Gatlinburg TN, Marc Broering and Rob Kearn from Louisville, and Susie Pozgay from Leitchfield. Also it was great to welcome 14-year-old Sarah Webb, who played in her first tournament (and got her first win as well); congratulations!

Sorry this is a few days late, but below are prizewinners for each division.

The full results and NASPA rating changes are at the following link (I'm still awaiting WGPO numbers):

Division A
1st Place: Marc Broering, 4-1, +740, $25
2nd Place: Frank Schin, 3-2, +53, $15
3rd Place: Eric Yoder, 2-3, -117, $6
High game: (tie) Rob Kearn and Will Scott, 441, $2.50 each

Division B
1st Place: Margaret Yoder, 4-1, +167, $25
2nd Place: Thomas Webb, 3-2, +215, $15
3rd Place: John Spangler, 3-2, -159, $6
High game: Andrew Wade, 464, $5

Division C
1st Place: Jan Hatton, 5-0, +178, $20
2nd Place: Susanna Webb, 3-2, +109, $10
3rd Place: Victoria Bledsoe, 2.5-2.5, +85, $7.50
High game: Andrea Carman, 375, $5

Thanks again to everyone that participated. Hope to see you next time!

Added note (8/27/2010, 7:45 p.m.): The WGPO ratings for this LCT are now available, too. Here is a link to that web page. JMS


Will Scott said...

Congratulations to Marc, Margaret and Jan on winning their respective divisions!

And thanks to Steve for a well-run tournament.

John said...

Good job, former apprentice of mine, on another well-organized, well-directed tournament.

This was the first of our four LCT's this year that I have been able to play! Had a great time.