Monday, September 27, 2010

Results from the 9/26 Local Club Tournament

Here is the entry that I posted on the Yahoo group listserv for the Word Game Players' Organization about yesterday's LCT --

Thirteen players played at our September local club tournament yesterday at Lexington, Kentucky, including three Tennesseans and a couple of Kentuckians who drove a good distance to be with us. Beginning this month, our LCT's will be rated solely by WGPO, rather than dually by both WGPO and NASPA -- this was discussed and agreed upon at last month's LCT.

Here are yesterday's results --

Lexington Scrabble Club 9-26-2010 LCT
Final Standings

Division A - After Round 5 of 5

Rank Name Wins Spread
1. Kelly McKenzie 4.0 384
2. David Moersdorf 4.0 268
3. Andrew Wade 3.0 -30
4. Margaret Yoder 2.0 -205
5. Will Scott 1.0 -143
6. Frank Schin 1.0 -274

Division B - After Round 5 of 5

Rank Name Wins Spread
1. Richard McHugh 4.0 239 (corrected spread)
2. Margaret Pozgay 3.0 268 (corrected spread)
3. Betty King 3.0 155
4. Janet Scheeline 3.0 -1
5. Andrea Carman 3.0 -47
6. Cheryl Coovert 3.0 -139
7. Victoria Bledsoe 1.0 -225

Prize money was awarded to first and second place in both divisions and to high game by non-placewinners in both divisions (Andrew Wade in Division A, 432; Betty King in Division B, 449).

Interestingly, both division winners were playing in their first WGPO event. Ten of the 13 tournament players are WGPO members.

Marc Levesque's easy-to-use Director! tournament management software was used for the tourney.

Starting this month, we will be contributing $1 per player from our small entry fee to WGPO to support its website. In the past, we have done this for Cross-Tables, which has chosen not to include WGPO events in its tournament calendar and statistical data.

These local club tournaments, which we began doing each month in May of this year, have been very well received by our small club, and I would certainly encourage other clubs to consider doing them. They provide a way for those of our members who cannot travel to have an opportunity to play regularly in a more formal tournament environment and to establish and work on a rating from WGPO.

John Spangler, Club Director
Lexington (Ky.) Scrabble Club

Note: In reviewing data prior to submission for rating, a transposition in a score was discovered that changed cumulative spreads for two players in Division B, as noted above. This correction did not affect the outcome in that division.

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