Saturday, September 4, 2010

Survey on Club Session for Sunday, September 5

Hello, from Alpharetta, GA, north of Atlanta, where I am playing in my second Labor Day Weekend tourney here -- 2o games over the weekend. Last year there were 36 players; this year 70!

Sorry that getting things caught up Thursday to get out of town and travelling on Friday delayed my getting this survey up and an e-mail out to you. A holiday weekend may make attendance small for this Sunday at club, but those of you who wish to get together and play should certainly do so.

Here are the responses so far, as of Sunday, September 5, at 3:10 a.m., on today's club session --
  • 1 WILL be attending club on Sunday, September 5: Jan
  • 2 will NOT be attending club on Sunday, September 5: Betty, John, Victoria
  • 2 are UNSURE about attending club on Sunday, September 5: Eric, Margaret
If you haven't let me know already, please respond by leaving a comment to this blog entry OR by e-mailing me directly at . I have my notebook computer and my iPhone here with me in Georgia.

Remember our local club tournament this month will be on Sunday, September 26. Have you indicated whether you will be attending or not on the blog post about the September LCT?

Hope all of you have a great holiday weekend!


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Victoria said...

I cannot attend Sunday the 5th.