Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victoria the victorious, and other stories from Olive Hill

The Lexington club and the Charleston club's one-day tournament at Olive Hill drew 24 players, and no one was more successful than Victoria, who took division three with a perfect record: 7-0 and a plus-448 spread. Her average score was 358-294. Victoria picked up 59 rating points, cracking the 800 mark for the first time with a new rating of 811.

Betty finished 6-1, good for second place in division two, and because she was seeded seventh, her big day gained her 85 rating points, for a new high of 995. Rita from Bowling Green took division two, also with a 6-1 record but with a higher spread.

In division one, top-seeded Marc maintained his perch with a  6-1 record, narrowly losing to Steve in the final game.

Speaking of Steve, he finished second in division one with a 5-2 record while running the tournament smoothly. Thanks, Steve!

The 12 Lexington club members, including Marc and Andrea, gained a net 13 rating points.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jan.
She gained 28 ratings points.