Tuesday, August 18, 2015

November Tournament Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our November tournament is fast approaching...just over 3 months away.  Like last year's tournament, this one will be the weekend before Thanksgiving, with 24 games spanning 3 events (5-game early bird, 15-game main event, 4-game late bird on Saturday night).  In addition, it is part of a Triple Crown promotion with the Fall tourneys in Knoxville and Asheville, wherein participants in all 3 tourneys enter a drawing, where the winner gets free entry to the tourney of their choice (of the 3) in 2016.

Tourney details can be found here:  http://cross-tables.com/download/2015/11/lexington.pdf

I plan to start an entrants list in the next week or so.  Even if you'd prefer to wait until closer to the Nov. 18 deadline to send in your registration fee, please let me know ASAP if you're planning to attend (and which events), so I can add you to the tentative list.

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