Thursday, August 13, 2015

So many tournaments coming up.  For some who don't perhaps peruse cross-tables too often, here's some great ideas for late summer and on into the fall, all under 7 hrs. drive from Lexington --

Labor Day Weekend - Alpharetta, GA
20 games, Saturday-Monday

Nov. 7 - 8 - Asheville, NC - the first leg of "The Triple Crown"

Nov. 20-22 - Lexington!   Friday the 20th is a separate event (as is the Saturday night late-bird)
     -"The Triple Crown", part deux

Nov. 28-29 - Elmhurst, IL (Chicago area)

Dec. 5-6 - Knoxville, TN - the final leg of "The Triple Crown" series

On a loosely-related note, my Scrabble tournament blog is updated through Day one of Reno Nationals.    The answers to the in-text bingo quiz aren't there yet, but there are links to uploaded games onto cross-tables.   As always, a few of the positions might be interesting.  if you're die-hard or bored enough haha

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