Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bluegrass summer tournament

Congrats and thanks to Steve Bush, who both directed the summer one-day tournament and won Division One. He was undefeated going into the final game, but Marc Broering stopped him. Both were 7-1, but Steve won on spread. The performance gave him a new peak rating of 1895, knocking on the door of 1900. With a ranking of 44, he's now a top-50 player in North America. Marc is right behind him, with a new peak rating of 1872 and a ranking of 54.

Congrats also to Victoria, who won Division 2 and moved within four points of her peak rating.

If you haven't seen the results on Cross-Tables, click here.

The new venue, on the EKU campus, was nice, albeit a bit warm. We had 16 players, which made it easy to divide into 2 divisions with a round-robin and king of the hill. Thank you to the club members who brought goodies, and thank you to the out-of-towners for making the trip.


Steve said...

Thanks Will, both for your kind words and for your help keeping things moving on Saturday.

Matthew D RIdout said...

Scrabble wins again! Excellent tourmanent. Heat schmeat. Good practice for come-what-may in any tourney out there. :) Thanks to Steve, all our directors, and everyone who helped Saturday.