Sunday, February 8, 2009

Club Session of 2/8/2009 (2009-03)

(Post incomplete; more to follow)

13 players attended today's club session; if a few more of the regulars had made it to club today, we would have topped our existing record of 15! We even had a shortage of game timers for today's session.

Today we had a guest, Brian, from Villa Hills, in northern Kentucky. Brian currently has a National Scrabble Association rating of 1739 and is the number one rated player in Kentucky. It was great to have him with us for club and to give our better players some challenging competition. Come back again, Brian, and often! It was good to have you with us.

Funny things do happen at club. In Round 2 today, Andrea and Amanda needed to draw to see which of them played first. It took four attempts before they could resolve this -- for the first three tries, they each drew the same letter each time.

Here are the stats for this afternoon's session, based on three rounds of play, with any extra games played beyond three not included. Session results are listed first by total wins, then by spreads.

13 players playing 32 games

Andrea -- 3-0, +315
Brian -- 3-0, +121
John -- 2-1, +259
Betty -- 2-1, +55
Andy -- 2-1, +25
Cheryl -- 1-1, +126
Patsy -- 1-0, +50
Amanda -- 1-1, +41
Tyler -- 1-2, +30
Janet -- 0-1, -107
Will -- 0-3, -176
Nick -- 0-2, -209
Donna -- 0-3, -530

(The remaining statistical information routinely posted about club sessions will be added to this entry soon. 2/17/2009 JMS)

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