Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warren Day 2

I ended the tourney 7-8 -59, going 2-4 today. I lost one game by 4, and I am pretty sure better play would have won me that game, so I should have been able to go 3-3. Not winning that game cost me probably 30 rating points and maybe also the class prize (150 bucks). I'm not sure what it is about day 2 in tourneys, I did the same in the lexington tourney. Oh well, cant always play at your best, and considering the average rating of my oponents was 1570 I feel I performed OK. Estimated rating gain of 52 points, up to 1424. I am pretty happy with the tourney overall, I definitely enjoyed it. I also ended up winning 10 bucks for highest play (dorkiest 3x3 for 158). Sometime this week I'll post individual game recaps and more info/stories from the weekend, and maybe upload a few games to crosstables as well.

Highlight of the tourney: Beating Steve Grob (eventual tourney champ) in the first game with a score of 525, getting 4 bingos (ratified, bulking, tercels, and the disconnected 9 greediest).


Anonymous said...

It seems a significant ratings gains, though i'm sure you wished it were more. I am curious about the story involving rob long? Your strategies towards success are clearly working for you. Stay positive, it takes some many years to reach your level. some never do. Andy

John said...

Congratulations on the sizable ratings gain, Tyler! Having fun is what's most important ... although recooping registration fees and travel expenses would be nice, too. Nice to have you out there representing our club and Lexington so well. I look forward to reading your expanded blogs.