Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warren Day 1

Day 1 went pretty well, 5-4 on the day. Each match consists of 3 games against the same opponent.
1st match was with Steve Grob (1648), Won the first game in a bagging (played the disconnected 9 greediest too. Lost the next two.
2nd match was with Pete Zeigler (1651) , won the series 2-1, decent draws
3rd match was with Rob Long (1548), won the series 2-1, funny story on this opponent to follow.
Ended the day 5-4, estimated rating gain 84.
Afterwords we stayed around and played poker, 20 buy in tourney. I made it to the final 2 and split the pot with Steve Knapp for 120 bucks,
Tomorrow my first match is against Kevin Lucas (1392) , right now its me and him neck and neck for the class prize (150 bucks), so I hope to do well. You can follow the tourney or read up info on it at

I'll eventually type up game by game summaries, next week sometime.

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Anonymous said...

I think its awesome that your so competitive with such highly rated players!! Thank you for letting us know so quickly. And to take their money to?! Ha, Ha....Andy W.