Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plainfield tournament roundup

Eight Kentuckians played at the Plainfield,Ind., one-day tournament on Saturday and brought back a total of 167 ratings points. Andy Wade was far and away the biggest contributor, gaining 108 points and raising his rating from 849 to 950.

There were 60 players divided evenly in 10 divisions. Everyone played a five-game round-robin and a one-game King of the Hill.

Brian Bowman and Marc Broering were in D1, Tyler Hannan was in D2, Steve Bush, Rob Kearn (of Louisville) and I were in D4, and Andy and John Spangler were in D7. Brian won Division 1, Steve and Rob finished 1-2 in D4, and Andy and John did the same in their division.

The tournament was pretty low-key, considering that there were some fairly strict scheduling rules at the venue, which was a library. One plus was that lunch was included, although there wasn’t much left by the time I, Rob and Steve finished our games. Rob won his first three games, but by margins so narrow that all three of his opponents, including myself in game 2 and Steve in game 3, asked for recounts. Fortunately, there were enough chicken breasts, but the green beans and mashed potatoes were gone.

Congratulations to everyone.

At last report, Tyler and John were both considering the Elyria, Ohio tourney this weekend, and I'm going to the Myrtle Beach, SC tourney March 27-29.


Andy said...

Thanks to Will for reporting the latest, his e-mail was the first I heard of my ratings bump....which i was ofcourse, anxiously awaiting.

Steve said...

Thanks for the roundup Will. My next tourney is likely to be Charleston.