Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scrabble thoughts

I received a ticket, 5:36 am, 3/7. I hadn't quite made it to Frankfort. I was still waking up, and quite anxious about the day. Officer J. Blevins queried where I was going in such a hurry -- why, a Scrabble tournament, of course! Not knowing how long the stop was going to take, and overwhelmed by the brightness of the cruiser's lights and spotlight, I decided to make the most of the inconvenience by reviewing some "4's". However, with my anxiety even further increased, I was not in a place conducive to word study. I would later hear some fours from my spouse :( , the dread of which concerned me much more than the ticket.

Game 1: I was very fortunate to play JOINABLE for a bingo on my first turn. I thought this should give me considerable breathing room, but I had to fight for the win. Judy Bremer drew 9 of 10 power tiles in Game 2, and topped 530! This was my only loss. I went on a roll and hit 3 bingos in Games 3 & 4. I only bested Judy B. by 5 points in the final game for first place. She was tough. This was a game where I felt the pressure on almost every turn. One of the late turns I agonized over for 8 min. It easily could have not gone my way ..... but I'll take it ....

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John said...

Welcome to the blog team, Andy, and thanks for a good first post! Way to go to in Plainfield -- hope your finish took the edge off the speeding ticket. You were just a bit too eager to get over there to play a very good tourney!! :-)