Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steve Bush, Director, congratulations!

Mary Rhoades, the North American Scrabble Players Association's Director of Club and Tournaments, acting upon my recommendation as his mentor for his apprenticeship, has e-mailed this morning confirming our club member, Steve Bush, as a full club and tournament director for NASPA.

Congratulations, Steve, and thanks for your willingness to go through the process of director certification!

Steve is now officially as well a joint director for our club. His efforts as a joint director in coordinating and conducting club sessions and in holding local club tournaments and, at some point, open tournaments will be a great help to me and a great benefit to the club.

It is now six months since I became sole director of our club by default; I was an assistant/co-director who got automatically "promoted" to sole director by the unexpected resignation of my predecessor. Given my responsibilities as primary caregiver for my mother who is 91 years old and nearly ten years into Alzheimer's disease, I am a good bit limited in the time that I can devote to club and in my ability to be at club. I appreciate very much that Steve has become a director to help in running our club. Both of us would very much welcome any other member who wants to join us as club directors by going through NASPA certification.

Our Lexington Scrabble Club is very much a group effort, and that's the way it should be. The more each club member gets involved in club and helps out in such ways as promoting the club to friends and acquaintances, by helping set up for local club tournaments or straightening up afterwards, by coming to club sessions to play, and by responding to session attendance and other surveys the stronger and more active our club will become. Cheryl Coovert deserves special recognition and our gratitude for her fine work as our club webmaster and blog administrator and for always helping out whenever she can.

My thanks to all of you for making being your club director (now one of your two club directors) such an enjoyable and rewarding activity. It is really good to be playing Alfred Butts' word game with you guys and gals on a recurring basis. You are a wonderful group of people.

John Spangler

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