Friday, October 22, 2010

Results from Sunday, Oct. 17 Club Session

Thanks to Andy Wade for providing the information about this past Sunday's club session.

There were six players present at club, and five rounds were played by some of them. Here are the results and bingos played:
  • Adam, 3-2, -146 -- NOCULAR* 71, NEAREST 65, T(H)INNER 69
  • Andrea, 2-3, -174 -- (F)LO(O)RED 79, UNI(T)IES 66
  • Andy, 4-1, +447 --VIOLATI(O)(N) 90 a double-double, STAINED 86, AEDILES 68, ITCH(I)(E)R 62
  • Betty, 3-2, +75 -- (E)N(G)RAIL 79, (R)EMOTES 84, STALKERS 63
  • Cheryl, 0-3, -302
  • Tameko, 0-1 (spread data incomplete)
This coming Sunday, October 24, we have our monthly local club tournament for October; here is a link to the blog post about it. This takes the place of a normal club session for that date.

Remember, if you want to play in this month's LCT, you need to leave a comment on that blog post OR e-mail Steve Bush, who is directing this month, at, by 5 p.m., EDT, tomorrow, Saturday, October 23. This is necessary to avoid a delay in starting by having to do pairings; walk-in players will no longer be able to play at our LCT's.

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