Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Our Club Members --

I have just now e-mailed the following message to Mary Rhoades, NASPA's Club Committee chair:


Please consider this e-mail my official notice to you that I renounce my status as a club and tournament director of the North American Scrabble Players Association, effective immediately.

I became a director to assist my local club because of my love for the game and to assist my local club by volunteering my time and services, not because I desired to be an "independent businessman" or an agent of Hasbro or of Chris Cree's creation. It is my firm belief that Scrabble will best served by a true players' organization; NASPA is not this and never will be. I have no desire to continue to be associated with or to promote the type of organization that Cree's latest edict represents. Steve Pellinen has done a great job of setting out the concerns and misgivings that I share about the way that NASPA is structured and operating; I won't repeat all that here.

You should also remove my name as director for our club's listing in the NASPA Club Roster and from your Yahoo listserv for NASPA club and tournament directors.

John Spangler
Versailles, Kentucky

I will be sending an e-mail out to those of you regularly attend club about this.


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