Friday, August 22, 2014

Before it gets too far down, please see Steve's post about his new NASPA position - hooray!

Since you've asked for ideas about competitive play improvement... :)

If NASPA wants a shot at more media coverage, I think it must build some interest for nonp-layers.  One arbitrary way to do this is give viewers a reason to root.   Geography.   State vs. state/club vs. club tournaments are already popular (ie: the Michigan v. Ohio annual event).  Why not all the best from various states competing against one another?  

Invite, say, the top 3 players from each state as teams.   Set up elimination brackets, seed the teams. 

ESPN used to pony up a $50.000 prize pool for an All-Stars event, invite the top 50 players.   Throw in state names, I think you give people a little more reason to possibly give a darn.

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