Friday, August 22, 2014

Why does NASPA offer Collins play?  I'm not at all sure it should.

The National Champion NASPA endorses is from TWL.  It's less prestigious now that so many North American experts are playing in the Collins division.  I assume NASPA still has as a goal for tournament play to be more media-relevant, get more coverage like it used to (like on ESPN).   Splitting our experts into two divisions seems contrary to that.

If NASPA had as a goal to get all of us to switch to the Collins dictionary, that'd be one thing.   I've always heard that's not true, and its new relationship with Merriam-Webster seems to solidify that. 

If NASPA is worried about losing players  (and thusly money from player dues and fees), I don't think they would.  Even if some top-flight experts want to compete via Collins for bigger prizes in WESPA events abroad, I don't believe they'll quit playing stateside.

(For club members who may not be in the know, the word list we play is TWL.  Collins is the "world English dictionary" played overseas  It has all our words plus thousands more.  Think metric vs. American standard for measurements.  WESPA is the equivalent of NASPA, runs everything Scrabble abroad.)

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