Monday, October 6, 2014

Results, 10/5

A light turnout for club today, so a few extra notes on fun phonies and phony attempts.
Since was only we two, I'll save posting new player ratings until next week.

Betty    426        Matthew  353                   Matthew  404        Betty  348                   Matthew  425        Betty  359              
REVETTED      RETIARY                                                      TRUSSER                  MERCIES             MAFTIRS
DIAPERS          DUELLIST                                                                                        DEGREENS*
+ Betty caught me on PRECOAT*,                                                                            + I caught Betty trying to make
and I unsuccessfully challenged her                                                                            GIDE*/ETESIAN

Matthew  390     Betty  387                                                    Matthew  437       Betty  282
HELLERS                                                                              ATAMOYA*
ERGATIC*                                                                            NITRIDE
NOODGES                                                                             + ATEMOYA, oops.  I thought it was good both ways.  Betty
+  I unsuccessfully challenged Betty's JUNCO, while           got away with hooking an S to it for DOS.  She caught me on
she unsuccessfully challenged my NOODGES                      ZOFTERS*

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