Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Port Clinton congrats, new blog entry

Congrats to Will on his fabulous top 10 finish at the open tournament in Port Clinton, OH this last weekend!   He gained the most points of any Lexington player who attended (6).  

I've added a new blog entry to http://mridoutscrabbleblog.blogspot.com/, with the results, bingo quiz, and commentary on my Des Moines trip and tournament from two weeks ago.   I again invite anyone to let me know if they would like to write anything from tournaments they attend.  Should this happen, I will create new web address that reflects it being of our club instead of just my name.  One for Port Clinton will be forthcoming soon, complete with Will's thumping of yours truly.


Cheryl said...

Frankly all the fallout from the legal hassle leaves me uninterested in tournament play.

Matthew D RIdout said...

You don't have to read it then. It's pretty tedious stuff anyway:)