Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally, here are the June 13 club results. I forgot to record everyone's results at club, so I had to reconstruct them, and not everyone kept their sheets. I got most of the important data, though.

Five people attended. We played in the main dining room at Perkins, because the A/C wasn't working there, so the paying customers were in the auxiliary dining room. Also, they couldn't lower the volume of the music in the main dining room. Not ideal conditions, but hey, they let us play there without a fee.


Victoria: 3-0, +140
Andy: 2-1, +???
Will: 2-1, +60
Betty: 1-2, -44
Andrea: 0-4, -??? (she had a two-point loss to Betty)

The play of the day was in game one against me (Will). On my third turn, I played PHOTO at J5 (5J? horizontally) for 41 points, leaving the obvious S-hook in the triple lane, but hey, it was 41 points. Victoria then made a more difficult, less obvious play: LARYNX, down from the triple, hooking the N to PHOTO and with the Y on the double-letter score. 71 points. Her next three plays were for 36, 44 and 41, and she controlled the game. Well done!


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