Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Survey about July 4 Club Session and LCT in July

Responses last updated June 25, 2010, at 10:52 a.m.
Rather than have this bump Steve's more important post about this Sunday's local club tournament, I am backdating this one so that it will appear after that post. Pretty tricky, am I not? lol

Independence Day this year falls on a Sunday. I really rather doubt that any of you will want to spend that afternoon playing Scrabble. Neither Steve nor I will be there. So unless I hear from more than one of you that you will definitely be at a club session on July 4, I am going to cancel meeting on that date. Here are your responses on that (you need only respond if you are committing to be at Perkins on Sunday afternoon, July 4) --


Margaret is likely to come if there is a club session.
For July, the options that your directors are giving you for a local club tournament are either Sunday, July 18, or Sunday, July 25. Here are your responses about those two dates (an asterisk means that date is the one the you prefer; no asterisk means no preference betweeen the two dates):
2 would be able to attend on July 18 -- John, Margaret
1 would NOT be able to attend on July 18 -- Will
1 is unsure whether he could attend on July 18 -- Steve
1 would be able to attend on July 25 -- John
1 would NOT be able to attend on July 25 -- Margaret
2 are unsure whether they could attend on July 25 -- Steve, Will (probably would attend)

So what I need to hear back from you about are the following four points. You may either send me an e-mail at or leave a comment to this blog entry with your reponses. Please tell me --
  1. Whether you want a club session on July 4 and commit to being there. (Only need to respond if YES)

  2. Whether you are able to attend an LCT on Sunday, July 18. (YES, NO, or UNSURE)

  3. Whether you are able to attend an LCT on Sunday, July 25 (YES, NO, or UNSURE)

  4. If you answer yes to both Points 2 and 3, which of the two dates you prefer more, if you have a preference (Only need to respond with JULY 18 or JULY 25, if you have a preference on one or the other of those dates.)

If you have not already indicated that you are or are not playing at this Sunday's local club tournament, please go to the post about it and leave a comment with your response about the LCT or e-mail Steve or me at the e-mail addresses given there.

Thanks! Would be great to see some "strangers" this Sunday for the tournament. Steve is directing the LCT, and I get to play! After he successfully directs this tournament, I will recommend that Steve be upgraded from apprentice director to full director. It would be great if one or two (or more) of you took the director's test, too, and joined us. Our club will function even better if there are several directors in the team!



Will Scott said...

I will be out of town on July 4 and will not be able to attend club.

I also will not be available for club or a club tourney on July 18.

I am unsure (but probable) for July 25.


Victoria said...

I plan to attend July 4. I should be at Perkins by 3pm.

My preference for the LCT is July 25, but either Sunday is OK.

Anonymous said...

I can attend on July 4 also, the parade etc. is on Saturday this year.