Saturday, June 5, 2010

Responses about Attending Club on Sunday, June 6

Last Updated June 6, 2010, at 9:08 a.m.
Club members are asked to indicate whether or not they plan on being at our club session on Sunday, June 6 by either e-mailing John at or by leaving a response as a comment to this blog entry.
Here are the replies so far:
4 will be able to attend: Betty, Jan H., Steve, Victoria
5 will not be able to attend: Andrea, Cheryl, Eric, John, Margaret
0 are unsure about attending:
Also, if you have not yet indicated your likely attendance or nonattendance at our local club tournament on Sunday, June 27, please include a response about that, too, in your e-mail, or go to the blog entry about that event and leave a comment there. Eight people so far are planning on being there for that LCT -- that would mean two divisions and more prizewinners! :-)


Victoria said...

I plan to attend Sunday, June 6. I should be there by 3pm.

Steve said...

I'm planning to be there as well. Madeline will probably be with me too.

John said...

I have changed my response from yes to no; I'm still getting daily IV's and think that I had better pass on club this afternoon.